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Soldbuch to ‘Medical Assistant Friedrich Dahm’ - Help with translation

Article about: Hi, I recently bought this army soldbuch to a Medical Assistant Friedrich Dahm and as with the other soldbuch I am having trouble with trying to translate the ‘hand written’ parts. I am hopi

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    Thanks hucks216, that's what was confusing me, I couldn't find any information placing 715 or the 715 Infantry Division in the Crimea. So I assume that if the soldbuch is correct, at some stage 715 was attached to the 11th Army before returning to Europe. I just wish I could piece together where it was and when. The Krim Shield citation which came with the group was described as a 'field typed citation', was this unusual?

    As you can tell I am new to collecting Soldbuchs (my area is RAF logbooks) and although I find them fascinating, neither speaking or reading German is a pretty large handicap!

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    The citation for the Krimschild is one that comes in many forms which includes the basic typed up 'Im Felde' type so it isn't uncommon.

    You don't need to have an in-depth knowledge of German to be able to enjoy, or make the most of, collecting Soldbücher and the things you do need to know you can pick up along the way through practice and just remembering them or making files along the way. Sometimes just typing a German word or phrase seen in a Soldbuch or on a document in to Google translator will get you used to the language on a very, very basic level but a level that will help getting things to sink in and understand things you see. A lot of the entries you will see in a Soldbuch you will see in other Soldbücher so once you learn it then it is job done and you can look at the stuff you can't figure out.

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    Great advice, Thanks!

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