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The SS Ausweis

Article about: This was the membership card which was kept on every member of the SS. I have three in my collection. All came out of Gdansk, Poland after the fall of communism. The first card I will show i

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    Hope this photo shows all details
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The SS Ausweis  

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    Thanks you guys for sharing these. Facinating pieces of history. I'm embarassed to say in 10 years of collecting I had never seen one, or if I had, I didn't know what they were. I too love pieces that you can do research on. Were they required to carry these with their regular military Ausweis that contained their training and assignments?

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    Ade quite a few yrs ago i saw an M17 SS helmet named in the rear skirt, O. KUHN, this helmet was at a dealers in Islington at the Angel Im not sure but i think the shop was called Call to Arms, and the chap who ran it was Chris Farlow i think, it was a very nice helmet with excellent decals and a nice satin black paintwork, i dont remember the liner but something is telling me it was the three pad version,just wondered ?

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    Hi Guys, thanks for comments.

    Thanks for showing the Ausweis: it has a lot of character!

    I think it is a fairly common surname, but who know on the helmet???

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Must say, lovely ausweises!
    Though I have seen ones before, I have never put my hands on one yet...rare and nice samples!

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    Hello friends, this is mine I found in an old things market in Krakov. I'm not so expert about this kind of things, more on heer and kriegsmarine so i think it's good i ask your help to understand it!

    Thank you very much for your help!

    SS ID Ausweis Card - For Your Review

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    The SS Ausweis

    I recently got this one. What can you guys tell me about it?

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    Quote by Johan View Post
    I recently got this one. What can you guys tell me about it?
    See the other thread you posted it in:

    What are these worth?

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    Hello Adrian, it seems you are a specialist on these SS Ausweise. I see recently many offers at eBay of these types and I wonder if they are all genuine. Same is for SS Panzer or Submarine ID's which are coming frequently out of Ukraine. They are surely fake and I wonder people still buy them at high prices (up to $200). Any thoughts?
    Cheers Tom

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    These on e bay are fake.
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