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SS Soldbuch, ahnenpass, and other documents grouping

Article about: Hi all, I'm debating whether or not to purchase this lot for \\$700. Its a debate because I'd be putting it on credit, as I don't have the cash in hand. I know SS soldbuchs can sometimes go fo

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    Default SS Soldbuch, ahnenpass, and other documents grouping

    Hi all, I'm debating whether or not to purchase this lot for $700. Its a debate because I'd be putting it on credit, as I don't have the cash in hand. I know SS soldbuchs can sometimes go for $400 - $500, so it seems like a good deal, but I just wanted to put it out to the forum to see if it would be foolish of me to pass it up. I've attached one image and a link to the rest. Any opinions would be most welcome. Thanks.


    SS Soldbuch, ahnenpass, and other documents grouping

    Documents Slideshow by dswarren1 | Photobucket

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    SS stuff instantly means paying quite a bit more, but it and the other passes would vary in value immensely depending on their units, battle record, awards ect. If all these folks never saw much action, and have few interesting entries, it might end up not being worth as much as they're asking. Ask if they're all complete and have no missing pages. Are any replacement passes? I see at least one of them were KIA. If they were all very active, it might be steal. If you could get more details (push for detailed scans), it would be far more helpful in making a decision than that one shot of the covers.

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    Thank you. I posted the seller's photobucket link under that photo, it has several images.

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    Sorry! I missed that link. I took a quick look through, and I didn't see anything of particular interest in the passes. I'm not an expert on these, but I do own a few and I didn't see anything in the areas I look for on them. Wait and see what the others say as there certainly might be a gem I missed, but I'm not convinced all that adds up to $700 for what my novice opinion's worth. Perhaps they might just sell you the SS soldbuch if you really want it?

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    Thank you. I did already try and probe the guy to see if he wouldn't mind just selling me the soldbuch; he's sticking to his guns about selling them as a group. I told him I wasn't looking to pay full dealer prices when I only really wanted the one document.

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    If it were me, I'd rather have one stellar SS soldbuch than a box of them with little activity. Everyone's milage varies, but I like them with photos in them too. This one looks to have been one that never had one, which wasn't uncommon. Putting a face to the book makes it so much more real IMO. But again, everyone has the details they look for, and at the end of the day you have to be happy with it.

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    I agree with you there. I wasn't even specifically looking for a soldbuch, just sort of came across one and thought I'd inquire about it. But I would prefer to have one with a photo

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    Going by the images shown in the link there is nothing there that makes the group worth anywhere near $700. Tastes differ, but I wouldn't pay $200 for the lot.
    Judging by the lack of images showing the unit pages in some of the Wehrpässe there probably isn't anything of interest in them - probably no WW-2 Wehrmacht service related entries - and there doesn't look to be any awards listed so I would say that these are for individuals who have registered for military service and were probably not called up for whatever reason. There is one for a man who served in Flak units but that isn't worth more than $70.
    The SS-Soldbuch isn't worth more than $100 at best. It was issued just 1 month before the war finished to a man who was 37 so he was someone who was only called up in the very last days of the war as a desperate measure and assigned to a training unit. He may or may not of been assigned to 17. SS-Pz.Gren.Division but if he was it was literally just days before the war finished. That he was only ranked as a Grenadier shows that he had no previous Waffen-SS service. Yes this is a Waffen-SS Soldbuch but it is a huge stretch to hold it up in comparison with a Waffen-SS Soldbuch issued years before, especially when it comes to value. If you paid more than $100 for that Soldbuch then you have overpaid, but that is just my opinion. There is nothing of interest about it other than it is Waffen-SS.
    Personally I would save my money and wait/save up for a much better example.

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