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Translation of Soldbuch

Article about: Hi, I am having difficulty reading the German handwriting on this Soldbuch. I don't read German but I can get the typed bits translated on google, the rest I am lost with. I am hope with som

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    Infirmary Entry:
    All infirmary records passed on to the French.
    Medical assistant Dr Schmitt, past dean of students (a.d. means a.D.=auser Dienst, or retired), Mannheim trade school, as witness (als Zeuge)

    By the way Insomniac, your logo skull looks real. Where is it from. The place to pick up tons of skulls is Peru, where the huaco-hunters dig up Inca graves and leave the skulls and mummy parts lying around.
    I took that picture of Juana, who wasd one of my eco team leaders

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    You have been so very helpful and I truly thank you for your time and effort in translation for me. I believe I have all I need for the Soldbuch, now its just the Arbeisbuch I need help with. If you are able and have time it would be a big help to me.

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    I love the Arbeitsbuch. I bought every one I found at the fleamarket in the 60s because I liked the powerful design of the cover. Paid under 3 DM each for them (75 cents US), had about 6, but lost them all with my entire collection in 1987. Sure wish I still had them so I could GIVE you one with the cover intact!
    Did I mention that I HATE PEOPLE WHO REMOVE swastikas!!!!

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    Carl Friedrich Arnold STEIN is the RAD man.
    Inside front cover:
    Matriculated from PRISON CAMP Baccaral, (written in French), and his number

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    It is real, my father gave it to me, he purchased it at an estate sale 20+ years ago in my area which is Pennsylvania.

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    Hey, your guy (Arbeitsmann Stein) had skills in Latin, French, and English, according to the bottom of p 3 of the passbook.

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    Quote by serialins0mniac View Post
    It is real, my father gave it to me, he purchased it at an estate sale 20+ years ago in my area which is Pennsylvania.
    Possibly Civil war casualty. Tell me what you think of Juana. That website gets zero traffic.

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    What lovely pictures on your website, Such a beautiful looking place.

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    Page 4
    His past jobs
    worked as Combustion Engineer at Braunkohl und Benzin AG in Magdeburg. (Braunkohl is the coal used in all German houses for winter heating, Benzin is gasoline. AG means Aktiengesellschaft, or "inc."

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    I am very interested to learn his entire work history

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