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Wehrpass help

Article about: I need to translate at voices 8 (beruf), 10 and 13! Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Wehrpass help

    I need to translate at voices 8 (beruf), 10 and 13!

    Wehrpass help
    Wehrpass help

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    8 Beruf/Profession: Burolehrling (administrative apprentice)
    10 Schulbildung/Education: 3Kl Hauptschule/3rd year secondary school
    13 Anschrift der nachsten Angehorigen/Address of next-of-kin: Gottfried Mikesch, Parents, Linz/Upper Danube
    cheers, Glenn

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    box 10 ("Schulbildung, nur Schulabschluss"=education, graduation only) "3. Klasse Hauptschule" = 3th class lower secondary school

    box 8 ("erlernter Beruf"=profession learned by vocational training/"zuletzt ausgeübter Beruf"=last profession): "Bürolehrling" = office apprentice
    box 13a ("Nachträge"=subsequent entries): "Bürohilfskraft" = office hand

    box 13 ("Anschrift des nächsten Angehörigen bzw. der bei Verlustanzeige zu benachrichtigenden Person", in parantheses "nur im Kriege auszufüllen" = adress of the next of kin or person to be informed in case of loss notification, to be filled in war times only):
    Unfortunately I can't recognize the writing at "Verwandschaftsverhältnis"=relationship of kin

    With best wishes
    alter musketier

    PS.: Oh, bigmacglenn1966 was faster than me
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    In memory of my father who was in K-Einsatz, combat engagement, with the RAD in the Alps in 1945, of my grandfather who was with the IR 87 during campaign in France in 1940 and of my grand-uncle who served in the Gardegrenadierregiment Nr. 3 "Königin Elisabeth" and who was killed in action at Craonne, Chemin des Dames in France in 1917

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