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what is a soldbuch ? Also are they hard too find ?

Article about: Just wondering ? Thanks!

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    Default what is a soldbuch ? Also are they hard too find ?

    Just wondering ?


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    Default Re: what is a soldbuch ? Also are they hard too find ?

    Soldbuch was little book issued to a German soldier. It contained his unit, what he was issued, awards, sicknesses, any thing els relating to the soldier. also pay (i think). It was basically a form of ID. It was issued to German army, Luftwaffe, SS, and Kriegsmarine. It very interesting to collect because it tell us what the soldier did and what unit he was with!

    They are Army and Luftwaffe are not that rare, usually cost from $75to $150. certain units or personnel Make $$$ go up. (like GrossDeutschland), SS are rarer and like all SS stuff more expensive. Kriegsmarine less then SS but about same for and army one depends on rank and duty.

    Soldbuch was required to be on the soldier at all times, if found with out one they can be shot...

    Then there is also a Wehrpass, but that for another post...

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    Default Re: what is a soldbuch ? Also are they hard too find ?

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    Default Re: what is a soldbuch ? Also are they hard too find ?

    Prices all depend on various factors - units, awards, rare weapon entries, photos, signatures, links to famous battles etc.
    Generally they are very easy to find, most dealers have some with some dealers having more then others but obviously the more desireable ones are harder to find (or afford!) then the more common or less 'glamourous' ones. For instance, there are plenty of infantry related ones on the market costing as little as £70 but on the flip side of the coin ones for Grossdeutschland soldiers (not including the late war transfers from the Luftwaffe etc) are extremely hard to find and rarely come on the market and when they do they are expensive and don't stay on the market for very long.

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