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13 July 1943

Article about: Hello everyone, I just received my tobacco box yesterday and I just decided to make a little display about a future project that i want to make (a tankman during the battle of Kursk in July

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    Oh yes its заво́д. TY
    As I can see this factory made WW2 flying objects like the МиГ pursuit planes and later space shuttles in cold war time.

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    Quote by RKKAFan View Post
    I like the "з прогресс" (for progress) гаечный ключ (spanner) very much. Never seen such a type before. Do you have any info about its background, Arthur?
    That's the only one that I found so far ... could be from 30s, Philippe told me that the "rounded" style of the cyrillic letters are typical form this period.

    For the history background that wrench was found in France (Normandie) in a tool box who was full of German ww2 tools, so I guess that was some kind of war trophy taken in 1941-42 (maybe from a tank or airplane !) ... what do you think ?

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    I think more for airplanes, its very small. But you are our tank expert. I dont know, which nuts were on Russian tanks. :P Even if it was an aircraft tool, it is still a nice founding for every display and reenactment....

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    They were alot of size for tanks tools in fact, the big one (almost human size) are for remove the wheels most of the time because you need alot of strength ...

    you can see all the different size here for little maintenance, "panzerjager prepare and check all the tools during 1942"
    13 July 1943

    Another picture with the special tool for remove the wheels I do have a picture with soviet tanker on KV-1 but I can't find it to night, maybe tomorrow ...
    13 July 1943

    In any case my wrench seem to be from aircraft factory so that's a really good information for me !
    Maybe was on tank one day, from what I know on veteran testimony (from Russian, German, American etc ...) all tools were used and taken, military or civilian ... if only my wrench could talk ... she's sure seen alot !

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    You know what? I have some of these Germans tools for repairing my bike. They were made in East Germany and still working. Good old quality, not like the modern Chinese trash, which breaks in two parts after installing an IKEA cupboard.

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