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Excellent Submarine

Article about: This came with a group of items, given the lack of wear on the nut I suspect it is one of the many repros. I can't find this exact version, but these are heavily faked. Didn't pay anything f

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    I don't think the post is resoldered so maybe the whole thing is bad? do you have any pictures of known genuine versions of this variant? I got this essentially for nothing but now I'm curious.

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    I don't think it is re-soldered, so perhaps that means the whole thing is bad? DO you have pictures of one you consider 'correct'?
    Nut is stamped. THe only think close I could find online is this version.

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    Thanks to Philippe I conclude it does not match any known type

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    Meyerse does not sinking the submarine before some explanation

    Clearly the screw is not resoldered and I too would like to know why the screwnut is a fake ??

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    The badge itself does not conform to the two MTX variations in the specialized text on these badges? This is the basis, not the nut. Philippe sent some pictures of my badge with drawings on them pointing out issues. Perhaps he can post them here for discussion or allow me to post the pictures he drew on. Fake or not, I hope we can learn from this one.

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    Yes certainly very interesting

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    I guess the start would be to compare it to the reported two MTX variations to eliminate those?
    First variation 1 (Click to zoom). If I look a this one, of the pictures at the bottom, looking at the left most one, the center П appears to be in a different location relative to the center line of the badge. On the second from the left. The 'rivet' on the shield is in a different place relative to Л. Look at the shape of the sickle, seems flatter near the handle in mine.
    Then look at the profile of the submarine itself on the right side of the conning tower (?) seems different but I think you have to look at the reverse. Now it is closer to Type 2........

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    Here there are features which match. Here the top center П appears to be in the right 'spot (click to zoom)'. But the Л in the bottom picture, second from the left, looks off.
    It has the 'line' across the sickle handle so that is okay. but the rivet relative to the Л is much different, and the profile of the sub conning tower is uncertain, I don't have a REVERSE picture of this type, so can't compare.
    Look at the shape of the sickle, seems flatter near the handle in mine on this one as well (?)
    So, while it is closer to the type 2, it doesn't appear to be 100% consistent with either of these two variations. Thoughts?

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    Also, I cannot find the same nut on other badges. Does somebody have a comparable nut?

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    I think we can rule out the first example, now observed the model presented by Airapetyan

    Excellent Submarine

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