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Another good fake ?

Article about: Bought this for 10. Even as a fake it is cheap and without the "symbol" I can happily wear it to hold my jeans up

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    Default Another good fake ?

    Bought this for 10. Even as a fake it is cheap and without the "symbol" I can happily wear it to hold my jeans up

    Another good fake ?Another good fake ?

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    Circuit advertisement Another good fake ?
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    Original Overhoff denazified buckle 10 a real bargain

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    You have to be joking right ?

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    Quote by Battlefield Tourist View Post
    You have to be joking right ?
    No joke, the buckle is 100% original

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    Wow. Well many thanks for posting ! I bought it on ebay. Advertised as "a mid 20th C German buckle". I assumed the seller didn't want to attract too much flak for trying to sell it as a real buckle erroneously. I just thought "looks ok for holding my jeans up" :-) i have about 10 WW2 buckles . All Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe and all steel but i never clocked this as genuine even after looking through the fakes sticky. Well i suppose this is a keeper then ! :-)

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    I'm surprised you got it so cheap on eBay. Was it in the WWII German section? You got a great deal.

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    Can't recall. I typed in "German buckle" looking for Wehr & Luft buckles. I assumed the lack of interest was experts knowing it was a fake .... I just chucked in the min bid and forgot about it. When the seller didn't try to cancel the deal because he didn't get what he wanted, i assumed he knew it was fake.

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    Must agree with the guys, a 10 original late war Overhoff that has been denazified, good score lol

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    What do you think it is worth ? My Wehr and Luft ones are easy to work out but SS is a different kettle of fish.

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    I have seen lots of denazified non SS buckles sell for a lot more on US eBay.

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