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Its here! Overhoff & cie buckle and belt.

Article about: So the belt and buckle arrived today and I'm very pleased with it I have a mixed collection of ww2 German items but this is my first buckle and belt. It's a late war unmarked overhoff &

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    I see the books on Ebay now and then. You will want the revised addition of Angolia's book. I saw a copy with a $27 reserve not sell a few months ago. I should have bid to have an extra copy to keep at work. I wouldn't bother with the Evans book. To many fakes and repainted buckles. If I am looking for info I go to the forums and use the sticky threads and the search functions.

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    Circuit advertisement Its here! Overhoff & cie buckle and belt.
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    Thanks kirby I will try to find a copy of the book it would be a good idea to get one for reference and also pics of nice buckles! may try eBay as a start , think I have viewed every SS buckle thread on the forum and the sticky threads have really helped to educate me in what to look for, especially between original and fake buckles and I was able to pick a good one however I did run it past Ben for confirmation. I'm already thinking what to get next

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    I have about 20 SS buckles but I still like to keep a photo album on my phone of the nicest example I can find of each type. It is handy to pull up a photo for a side by side comparison. All the books have mistakes. It is better to do your own research.

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    Hey John, can you post of pic of the Overhoff diamond on the catch?

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    This is very true I have seen many fakes on dealers websites, these guys are meant to be trusted in dealing genuine items! Sadly there seems to be more and more rubbish about, 20 SS buckles is a serious habit

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    Hi larboard, it was a belt to match the buckle I have I'm told that some belts have overhoff & cie hooks on them and this is shown within a diamond , my buckle is unmarked and the belt it came with is an early one with nickel silver hook dated 1935 I'm looking to match the buckle with a later wartime belt possibly one with an overhoff & cie hook if I can find one

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    That's why I was saying post a pic, I may have a belt with a catch like that.

    I agree 20 SS buckles is a serious habit, we could make a killing on a 12 step program here...

    I just finally got ONE SS buckle (because it was a killer price!), and even though it's not even here yet, I already have some mixed feelings about it, it costs as much as I made snow plowing for the neighbors this month, and when I think of the hours I put in and what it's doing to my truck, it's a ridiculous trade ;(

    I don't worship at the SS altar, which is what I consider paying $6k for a hat, or $600 for a buckle, but here I am, waiting on mine in the mail...

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    I'll take some photos when I get home. I think I have one with an aluminum catch with a small Overhoff diamond and I matched up a late war silver painted with a silver painted steel catch with a larger Overhoff diamond. It makes a nice set.

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    Ahh I see! I will try to find one with the overhoff & cie hook to show you I think it's just an O C within the diamond, my budget does not stretch to a serious SS habit either and the buckle I have was also a very good deal 225 with the belt and shipping I will hopefully add more over time but I will be keeping my eye out for the lower priced ones, I've got a Heer buckle on its way to also my first , think I need to consider a second job so I can go buckle crazy

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