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New SS buckle

Article about: what was the story ?.

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    Default New SS buckle

    As promised, here are a few detailed pics of my new SS buckle

    New SS buckleNew SS buckleNew SS buckleNew SS buckleNew SS buckleNew SS buckle

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    Nice original buckle how much did you pay in the end?

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    the 325 he was asking but we worked shipping. I have been wanting to add something SS to my collection for awhile, this one has quite a bit of character. I really want to clean it to get the ash? off..... but nobody panic....I know any cleaning can usually do more harm than good so I won't.

    Is there anyway to date a buckle? even to just a general time period as being early/mid/late?

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    Also thanks to everyone that helped authenticate this buckle, I was going to pass on it originally thinking it was a fake. You guys have made the collecting hobby enjoyable for me again, a lot better than getting burned on every fake item I bought being told it was real. Especially when it seems like there are more fake ss items out there than there are real.

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    Looks like it has been in a fire, interesting.
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    It looks nicer here than in the seller's photos. I believe this type of buckle would date to the early 1930s, but I'm sure someone will correct that if it's wrong. Usually I would suggest pure acetone (not nail polish remover) for removing foreign substances, but I'm not sure how that would react with carbon.

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    the carbon/soot on the buckle is def not permanent. Would it be ok to clean it off? I do have acetone.

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    The buckle date would be prior to 1935

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    Nice buckle, looks great as it is!...
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    pre 1935, that's interesting time period. This buckle was manufactured around the same time Rohm and the SA were overthrown. I can't imagine the SS had very many members prior to 1935. Are there records of how many SS members there were to certain dates? Very cool

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