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Other Markings on SS Buckles

Article about: Ok Andreas we will wait for the pics as for the eagle it is an eagle nothing more nothing less

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    Default Re: SS Makers

    hi Larry,sorry for sounding rude but after being called a crazy and deluded(im sure this would upset anyone if they know they are right) for posting my rzm helmet which realy does have over 250 stamps and the way i was treated by everyone i felt this going the same way when all i want to do is SHARE INFO AND MAKE COLLECTORS MORE KNOWLEDGABLE... the truth WILL reaveal itself one it always does.Personally ive known about these markings/etchings for years and because of responses like this i really regrett actually posting this "FACT"( i should have learned from the rzm helmet experience)(some other things that i know about ss buckles and ss daggers would make your heads spin,i think im probably the only person in the world that knows about certain differences that would totally change the entire collecting community,but because of responses like this i choose to keep this info to my self,i could litterally ubdate alot of books by certain very important "facts"but i think ill wait till i write a book my self to release certain things,personally i would have thought that a collector of "pieres calliber" will hopefully make a book specifically on ss buckles one day as there is a fairly large following in this field(i would buy a book like this in a second....).i guess this is the last time i will ever make a mistke like this again,but this is my way that i try to contribute back to the WW2 community by trying to make collectors more knowledgable and in most cases my "finds" are just instantly dissmissed which is why i get a bit rude.ill let other people post.But this is one of the first things that ill look for in an og buckle as some of the aluminium ss buckles and even some steel ones are getting very very good/decietful...if evceryone can learn to read these stamps like i do and it becomes commen knowledge(it used to tacke me 5 minutes to "see" the etichings but now i can tell in 5 seconds.. it will be another piece of knowledge which will hopefully save some poor collector of getting "ripped off" by so many "scrupulouse" sellers that are on the fairs or the internet these days...personally as long as i can see 3 circles via foto on a net foto then i also class this it an original buckle.ive never come accross a good/near perfect repro ss buckle that has these "etchings " on them...
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    Default Re: SS Makers

    many thanks for your investigations but...light does some tricks sometimes ;-) just kidding naturally I never want offend you or your researches, anyway 'till now I don't see concrete evidences on pics that you posted up above, so is not uncommon to find some strange signs or marks on buckles sometime cames from the soldier-owner sometime from the factory/"producer chain work" in another thread I'll try to post this strange marks visible on IR field ( you post more clear pics of your buckle and relatives findings on they? Did you try to use your "investigation method" with IR-BLACK LIGHT fields? May be this shows more clear details...may be...

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    Default Other Markings on SS Buckles

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    Default Re: Other Markings on SS Buckles

    Right chaps, I have taken pictures of my buckle in better light and probably the best my camera can do. My take on this is this. I have looked at my two buckles and scrutinized them using the macro lens on my camera and also my very good magnifying glass. I cannot see any other markings as described by Andreas on my buckles. Not to say they are not there but for myself I cannot see any (I wish I could) so for me and this is my opinion only (each has their own opinion) after investigation I would need to see pictures of these markings or see them for myself. Sorry Andreas, I have looked and looked and I cannot see no marking at all
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Other Markings on SS Buckles   Other Markings on SS Buckles  

    Other Markings on SS Buckles   Other Markings on SS Buckles  

    Other Markings on SS Buckles   Other Markings on SS Buckles  


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    Default Re: Other Markings on SS Buckles

    Last pic from me, I have used a very high DPI on the camera and then enhanced it it with microsoft picture manager so probably the pics of this I can manage, if anyone has the capability to zoom in more using these pics please do
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Other Markings on SS Buckles  

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    Default Re: Other Markings on SS Buckles

    hi Ben fully understand,it doesnt normally work with fotos as the etchings are light in your last 2 pic i can see the cicle on the left with the slash thru the middle(your other pics are better)but we will wait untill someone like pierre or another big wig has found a few of these markings.i really wish that i was deluded then i could check my self in ive been thinking of taking 4 or 5 to the museum in brissi and ask them for help to id these so i can get some sort of foto as im sure they have the equipment these days to find impressions in mettel even if extremly light...just like when they grind off numbers off cars they can always see them with special machines(police/forensics)but i dont think that they would help or ir would cost $$$$ but ill call the museum tomorrow and see if they can validate these etchings,im sure that you all think in stark raving mad and deluded and i totally understand think the same if someone said that to me and i couldnt see the markings.hopefully someone will confirm this but as far as pics go it very hard as even when i use the naked eye i have to move it to diff angles to see the stampings(i can clearly see the left circle on left side with slash on your last 2 pics,cant see the numbers,but if you say you cant see,.will wait till someone with weight beind thier name discovers them one day..JUST DONT FORGET THAT I WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO DISCOVER THEM PLEASE WHEN THEY START GETTING regards Andreas

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    Default Re: Other Markings on SS Buckles


    @andreasSS ,

    i have looked very hard with microscopecamera and in all variations of light . I also hold a couple of good SS buckles and i dont't find any other markings .

    I also think about the reason for this ? But nothing it occurs to me ..............

    Other Markings on SS BucklesOther Markings on SS BucklesOther Markings on SS Buckles
    Regards ,

    I'm searching for
    Buckles 3.Reich

    special SA/NSKK/NSFK with maker marks

    Link to my collection :

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    Default Re: Other Markings on SS Buckles

    Well, much to the horror and utter disbelief of my decidedly pragmatic Chinese partner, I have just spent the last hour or so thoroughly examining a sample batch of around 20 nickle silver SS buckles. I (we) have used two types of magnifying glasses and goodness knows how many viewing angles under several types of light source. Nothing. At one point though and on some non marked buckles, I was sure that I could see an otherwise undiscovered and hidden, covert Assmann logo. I was (of course) wishing myself to see this rare mark on a nickle silver SS buckle. Again, nothing and despite the open minded effort.

    I understand that the phenomena is called "Confirmation Bias".

    Sorry, however I just cannot give any credence or support to this once interesting suggestion. I am also now asking myself - why?

    Regards and best wishes,


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    Default Re: Other Markings on SS Buckles

    Other Markings on SS BucklesOther Markings on SS Buckleshi yellow 12 just showing you what i see,ill post a few more pics but after that please cancell my account untill this gets "confirmed by an "expert is that buckel a 57 by chance?heres the first pic (i blew it up times 3 in paint and lined out what you should be looking is the stamp on the left..BY THE WAY IM NOT A TIME WASTER OR FULL OF SHIT....JUST "EXTRAORDINARY" ACTUALY LOOKS LIKE 23 IF SUCH A MAKER EXISTS???

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    Hello. I have a tv that let's you look at photos. So I checked out my SS buckles in HD about 3 feet x 2 feet and I don't see any sign of these markings.

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