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Other Markings on SS Buckles

Article about: Ok Andreas we will wait for the pics as for the eagle it is an eagle nothing more nothing less

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    Default Other Markings on SS Buckles

    ive got almost 30 original ss buckles now and did you know that every buckle that i own when put under a micrascope you will see on the back on either 1 of the sides(mixed bag,sometimes under claw sometimes the other side)there are always 3 circle stamps from the manufacturer,these are ONTOP OR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VISIBLE MARKINGS!!!(yes even the unmarked late war overhoffs or unmarked early nickle fat eagle buckles))wont bother with pics just get a mag glass and look at your markings.there will be three circles next to eachother,1the first circle on the left is maker/year(lets say 155/43) second circle always says ss and the third on the right is filed with an RZM!!!

    i also own 2 of the waffen ss "sunburst buckles" 1 mint in brown/red and one black very worn,i was told that they were russian ss as there are supposidly pics in a book from late war with"russian ss" wearing these (never new they had russian ss,must be non official;??)and they are both stamped olc in diamond(overhoff) and the manufacturer etchings (these etchings are not visable to the naked eye but ive seen some stamped hard like (35/36) (ss) (rzm)....)on my sunburst waffen ss buckles is stamped 1.(36/45) (overhoff/1945) 2. ss (ss in circle) 3.rzm in circle.not visable to the naked eye but if you have good eyes and a magnafiing glass you will have fun finding some new markings on your nco ss buckles(havent found them on my officers ones as yet...)

    hope this has helped someone best regards Andreas

    so you could say there is also a 36/45 ss belt buckle!!!!!

    on all of my late war unmarked overhoff they are either stamped 36/43 ...36/44... or 36/45!!!

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    Default Re: SS Makers

    Andrea, I have had a good look at my two buckle but cannot find any markings. In ref to the sunburst SS for me they are still post war made. I agree original buckles but stamped out post war to be reused. It would be interesting if they did turn out to be Russian SS though

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    Default Re: SS Makers

    hi Ben,all i can say is look again...they the markings are DEFFINATLY there,but as mentioned by some members maybe i just see things so i may have taken too much acid when i was younger lol...YOU WILL DEFFINATLY FIND THEM THEY ARE THERE...i always look for 3 very faint circles first,if your looking on a marked version then check over the marking(its about 50/50 which side they were stamped)an important fact like this should have been in a buckles book ages ago as im sure im not the only person in the world that knows this???the 2 sunburst are both stamped 36/45 so im not sure which month they were struck but i consider them og ww2(i need to find the seller so i can buy the book) and the dealer that sold one in the ukca6-7 years ago for 2500gbp(i still have the og ad that i printed but dont have the site or seller)but it must have been a big seller back then...i still have the og item # on the ad so if you know who sold this buckle in the UK PLEASE LET ME KNOW as i want to buy the book that shows the buckles being worn..BUT IF YOU LOOKM AGAIN YOU WILL FIND THE STAMPS ,THEY ARE THERE.please people check your buckles as i just need 1 person to confirm that they also see the markings,,this is info that should be published.cheers Andreas

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    Default Re: SS Makers

    Believe me I am going to check since I still own about 120 SS EM's. When I would not be surprised one day to find a 36/45 marking I would be extremely if it turns out the "fat eagle" to be made by Overhoff. I will see if I can find any of those extremely faint marking.

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    Default Re: SS Makers

    hi pierre,you will find these stamps(more like etchings) (every single one of my nco buckles has one)...just sold a 63 buckle that is stamped very hard,nickel plated "ss- 63- rzm" im sure you have the other side under the clamp it is stamed/etched 63/35 in a circle / ss in circle - and then rzm in circle...once you find your first marking you wont stop!!!!on every buckle and the unmarked nickel plated fat eagle buckle is not a overhoff and never said it was(overhoff number is 36)????i used to communicate with you on the other forum and know your a very big ss buckle collector....i thought you had alot more??cheers Andreas ps you will be very surprised(ive got 20/20 vision) but anyone with a good light and mag glass can see the markings although very light... please get back to me when you have found a couple to confirm to people.cheers Andreas ps pierre check 10 buckles as long as you find/see the markings please post on the site and let people know that this is fact, as you have alot of "credability" in this area...when i say things like this peole just think im crazy...where as if you end up confirming this it will be acceted straight away,thay way i dont have to deal with the crazies that think i hallucinate..cheers and a happy new year from Australia pierre Andreas

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    Default Re: SS Makers

    just to make it easier to find they are always the same way as the normal/hard stampings(50/50 it will be ontop of the normal stamps) just look on the left side for the first circle(it will be on 1 side only,either under clamp or on other side)and the first circle ALWAYS has a /(slasch/strock) just like the 35/36 buckle in the the first circle is always cut in half at an angle the same way to seperate the manufacturer number and year..hope that helps,you will have fun finding the markings and remarking the tags on your bucles..cheers Andreas

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    Default Re: SS Makers

    Andreas, right mate I have just spent the last hour looking at my 155/43 and the GZM and for the life of me I cannot see any other markings on the entire buckle, I have even had my wife hold a powerful torch on the buckle while I look around it with my magnifying glass and not a sausage, I will now go and have another look and look for what you have written above

    BTW is this on nickel buckles or all buckles?

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    Default Re: SS Makers

    can you post some pics?


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    Default Re: SS Makers

    Hi Andreas, could you post a pic please of this marking? I cannot see it either.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: SS Makers

    Andreas, can you use these pics and show me where I should be looking please mate?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Other Markings on SS Buckles   Other Markings on SS Buckles  

    Other Markings on SS Buckles   Other Markings on SS Buckles  

    Other Markings on SS Buckles   Other Markings on SS Buckles  

    Other Markings on SS Buckles   Other Markings on SS Buckles  


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