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SS Buckle

Article about: Here are the rest of the pics Dave and you need the length of the buckle

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    Default SS Buckle

    G'day Gents,
    I wondered if I could ask your opinions of this buckle. It is not my normal field of collecting but I would like one good example in my collection. Do you fellas think this is a good one? Thank you all in advance for any advice offered,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Buckle   SS Buckle  

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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    IMO the buckle is a cast fake
    Best regards

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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    I like it Dave, dont see any red flags

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    I dont see any casting flaws Ivan, can you point some out?

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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    I thought it looked as though it had been cleaned but I don't know. Thanks for your advice boys.

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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    I don't like the porous/pebbled surface of the buckle's obverse, the reverse looks good but the pics aren't good and I can be wrong
    Best pics can help
    Best regards

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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    I'm sorry mate but these are pics from the dealers site, there are another two pics so I'll turn the other computer on and attach them to the thread, they may help. Thank you both for your help.

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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    I looked at that Ivan, to me I think that is just wear to be honest, the pin sleeve does not have the normal fake bend to it either.

    Dave, if we are in doubt about it ask the seller to send you the measurements, also ask him if he has a good return policy

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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    No expert by any stretch of the imagination but i like it, i think the marks on the obverse are just honest wear and tear!...
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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    well, I've just tried attaching the other two pics and I dont know why but I cant get them to attach! The buckle is on svmilitaria, I've never bought from him but I've heard he is reasonable. Please excuse my ignorance but what measurements should I ask for Ben?

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    Default Re: SS Buckle

    Ben, You may be right, we wait until we have better pics or measurements
    Best regards

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