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SS Buckle

Article about: Hello Everyone I would welcome comments on this buckle please. I've looked at the Sticky on fake ss buckles and I'm not sure of this one. If it is a fake would someone please point out the o

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    Well dang, no good? I wasn't really in a place to pass any opinion on it (too complicated a subject) but it was deemed good before I posted, and it looked good, it had "that look". This just tells me to stay away from these altogether... way too expensive, way too many fakes, even this one, which is deemed a fake (not explained why), but looks pretty darn good.

    It makes you wonder, other than the obvious junk, who really knows on some of this stuff?

    I'll just stick to collecting cheaper infantry items.

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    Have a look at the sticky thread, the makers mark, the bumps on the wings, prongs, ears, all differ from the originals

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    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    Have a look at the sticky thread, the makers mark, the bumps on the wings, prongs, ears, all differ from the originals
    Words to live by !! G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    This is a fake that has fooled a lot of collectors. Even if you have been collecting for 40-50 years you should use the vast pool of info that is available. I keep thousands of photos on my phone for comparison. You can pull up the forums and run a search or just do a internet search. Someone posted a SS lapel pin on the forum the other day. I ran a search for SS lapel pin. The first result was the same pin on I-offer for $300. The second was a War relics forum thread saying it was a fake. The third was a repo company selling the same pin for $10.

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    Hi John, I have been collecting for over a year now and yes, I was fooled once, and prior to that did not search for any advise, then thanks God I came across this great Forum and immediately subscribed myself, never again that happened to me, wish you happy collecting in the future, Regards, Juan

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    Many thanks for your kind and wise words Juan.

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    Anytime John, my pleasure. What is at the end of the day 25 $ for a membership that will allow you to both learn about this great hobby while simultaneously saving you huge money from fakes?
    Quote by flintlock View Post
    Many thanks for your kind and wise words Juan.

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    I'd like to thanks once again all you wonderful guys that took the trouble to read and reply to my thread.
    Thank you

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    Hi Ben. can you explain the difference please. I have a genuine assman buckle, and every pebble around the motto, the feathers. the way the swirls meet the M and the ! match mine %1000. The only difference I can see is the catch seems a little too long.
    Thanks John-Paul.

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    Sorry guys, I see only now your replies; I admit completely my fault: I had a superficial look at this buckle.
    Sorry John for my wrong opinion on it, and thanks Ben for your explanations.

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