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SS Buckle relic

Article about: By collector condition, you mean "non relic" for \\$500? While the relics are cool, not really for me. I'd rather have that Deumer As the saying goes, "it's in the eye of the be

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    Default SS Buckle relic

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    I acquired this relic SS buckle recently and would like for you to review it. Would it be worth the effort at an attempt to clean it up? Should I just leave it as is? I have been enjoying it just as it is but if it could be cleaned without damage, then I would be willing to try. Either way, please share your thoughts with me.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Buckle relic   SS Buckle relic  

    SS Buckle relic  

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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic

    Leave it be.

    Can't make it much better and by cleaning, you may remove rust
    and material that then cannot be put back.........!

    If anything, a light dusting with a dry old toothbrush.


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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic

    I like them cleaned ...and restored...;-)
    SS Buckle relic
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic

    Where did the buckle come from? To be honest from the flat pin head and prongs it looks like a fake made to look old!

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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic

    Good point Ben it does look as though that could be the case !!
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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic

    Hi, Ben

    I will take some better pics of the pins. The rust is caked so thick that it must've sat in the ground for a very long time. I guess fakers could leave it in the ground for long periods but this would be their best work then! I will post pics tomorrow.


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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic

    Im trying to make out if the buckle is steel or ally, if its ally why all the heavy rust and it doesnt look like steel anyway

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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic


    Good question. Alloy wouldn't be magnetic, correct? I will try a magnet test and take pics of the pins/prongs tomorrow. A side long might it take a steel buckle to rust to this degree, given prime rusting conditions?


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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic

    Difficult to tell, when you look at mine; they have only been recently excaveted. But some who have been" there "longer look better than others.Depends of the soil, the way they were left in the ground (up side down, partly in open air....etc....)
    Lets say that if it had been there since the end of the war, the part that looks the mostly rusted should have serious dents and dammages when cleaned.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: SS Buckle relic

    stuka f

    Thanks for your first-hand inormation. The value/cost of it isn't very important to me. Verifying if it's authentic is! I may have to clean it. I can tell you that under finger pressure, the rust will not come off, it just cuts your fingers.


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