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SS Buckles to collect: The ultimate list comments

Article about: All, In my long thread "SS Buckles to collect: The ultimate list" I am posting for You, readers, some extremely rare SS buckles. Some others are widely known SS buckles but we do n

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    I am not going to get into a pissing comp JP but the text above in post #26 is from Wim, they are his words, all I have done is estimated a timeline from the extracts from the text in the books. So unless I have misunderstood this section of text

    " Vbl.OSAF”, nr. 6 from January 26, 1932) and related to insignia. Names were mentioned, as well as logo’s (Warenzeichen).
    With all ges. gesch (gesetzlich geschützt) was to be included (for example O&C ges.gesch for the new nickel-silver SS-buckle – "

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    What you did is perfectly fine with me. You voiced your opinion the exact same I voiced mine. You and I were anticipating what could have been done before January 26th, 1932 based on our logic. Since Wim knows, or at least should know, much more on this subject than both of us together, he added not only a bit more facts but also a first hand input he had when meeting with Overhoff. Since you referred to his own text (when I was not) I believe he was clever to add those comments to help us to look toward the right direction. Myself I am glad he did. Would you had preferred I did not post his message and keep it just for myself?

    As I always said we must remain constantly open to new possibilities when dealing with Third Reich memorabilia and I try to do my best to promote accuracy of the information.

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    No JP I agree, I always strive to find out the facts. It has proven that these times are hard to decipher and I suppose will get harder and harder!

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