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SS on Ebay....not for long

Article about: May get booted from ebay but thought I would post pics to get comments on its authenticity

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    A friend in Germany told me of a teen girl who went to a school fancy dress (or some such) day in grandpa's old SS uniform. To say the school was displeased was an understatement. Small village in Bavaria. Grandpa had to destroy the offending item, and I bet a fine was issued.

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    Circuit advertisement SS on Ebay....not for long
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    As a kid in the 1970s, I ran around our neighborhood in Germany wearing a Stahlhelm, WH-Gear and a deactivated Spanish Mauser all the time, playing "Army"...Never ever had a problem...Me and my neighbor-friend got a kick out of the looks on the old neighbors' faces, lol...I remember a woman in our street looking out the window laughing and just shaking her head when she saw me riding my bike home carrying a huge DAF-Bulletin Board with a fairly large Swastika Cogwheel on it, lol...
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    Did you keep the bulletin in board??

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    My mother wouldn't let me bring it into the house, so I had to keep it outside behind the didn't take long before the paint deteriorated and the board was ruined....I was just a kid, lol...lots of fun though, growing up back then hunting for Militaria!

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    yeah its all a bit of a joke TBH its History at the end of the day

    Germany had alot of bad stuff done to it during the war and after, i do wonder who influence their laws and country over the last 70 years

    Ebay has 6 Months return Policy?

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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    Not just SS they tend to remove anything showing a swastika!...
    Because Nazis are bad, m'kay?! Bet if there was Hammer and Sickle imagery on there they wouldn't mind... You get a lot of people still trying to sell TRM on eBay though, usually covering the offending symbol with bits of paper, or just not showing the whole front of the medal etc!

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    Quote by ironcross13 View Post
    yeah should not apply for people in the UK or US

    it is part of History, i can see all Nazi/SS items being outlawed one day

    Every so often a story crops up in the media (usually the Daily Mail it has to be said) saying collecting Third Reich is "disgusting" or "offensive" and should be banned...

    Free society though, all that...

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    Quote by ironcross13 View Post
    wow it seems a bit hard on collectors in Germany then must have to be very careful with their collections, would not want high value items took by police.

    so could some one go to jail if the put a flag in there garden?
    do people get into trouble a lot stuff to do with Third Reich, is it in the paper alot over there?
    are there any reenactments in Germany?

    no nothing is covered in UK shows, they fly Nazi Flags and run around in SS uniforms, there was something on the paper about it it was posted on here.
    Germany is now one of the most sanitised and politically correct countries in Europe. You can see if their censorship lawas relating to films and video games. It will be a sad day in this country if they ever pass a law banning display of a Hakenkreuz or related imagery.

    Fortunately with a Conservative Government, we might be OK for now ;-p

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    Actually looks like two different buckles from the pics

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