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SS EM RODO Original v Fake

Article about: Ben, After looking at your examples, I feel that mine is probably OK, but would like your "blessing" as well; I bought it several years ago from some unlikely-looking sellers at ou

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    After the mess generated by the Military Advisor article I wanted to post in this Forum a similar thread as that one RODO SS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Militaria Forums but I realized there was no need. Ben already did an excellent job and many pictures of fake RODO's I used for the above thread were found here anyway.
    So, please allow me to just add few things to complete this one.

    Type 2 of an original RODO SS buckle since there is two variants known as originals: In 2005 i found evidence of the second variant and named it Type 2. Reason been since I believe the Type 2 was produced after the Type 1 due to the blue-green shade of the paint found on most Type 2 which is typical of very late war paint (but note there is also very few Type 1 with that blue-green paint).SS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v Fake

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    Obvious difference between Type 1 and Type 2 is the rope we can see under the eagle's beak on Type 2 attesting a different die. This is not a feature found on any V chest fakeSS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v Fake

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    Then the latest attempt to duplicate an original RODO. For it, fakers were using a new die which was very convincing to duplicate Assmann SS buckles. Such fake die is still in use today to stamp fake 155/40's and fake 155/43's but not many fake RODO's.

    Even if such fake buckle is not pictured in the Military Advisor article (in the Military Advisor article there is only V chest fakes) I still feel it is interesting for the collector to be aware of its existence.SS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v FakeSS EM RODO Original v Fake

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    And to finish sizes in Millimetres of an original (fakes are different as of today). I used a Type 1.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS EM RODO Original v Fake   SS EM RODO Original v Fake  

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    I just have to laugh & shake my head on this new post from him...note his definitions of the FORUM & COLLECTORS. I was raised better than to engage but man I am telling you it is pretty tough not to want to knock the chip and other stuff off this dusty bag of wind.

    Spotting The Fakes And Forgeries
    NEWSLETTER JUNE 1, 2016 NO. 199
    NEWSLETTER JUNE 1, 2016 NO. 199
    June 1, 2016 AD Royster Comments 0 Comment

    Collector’s Glossary
    Here is a compendium of terms designed to assist the collecting world make determinations when wishing to purchase items for their collections:

    Prototype Non-existent creative invention

    Genuine “…well, it is a….isn’t it?”

    Genuine original quality Just like they used to make them years ago

    Contemporary copy Just finished making them last month

    Official Made just like the regulations called for

    Prominent collector Gullible sucker with money

    Knowledgeable collectors My friends and customers

    Letters of authenticity Something intended to convince of pre-1945 origin

    References or Reference Books Recently written publications that authenticates fakes

    Expert Your favorite dealer or an author of a “reference book.”

    Authority Author of three reference books

    Collector Average boob with modest means

    Replacement A fake copy

    Museum replica Carefully made fake intended to deceive

    Authenticated A approval of a fake item given by an ‘expert’

    Research project Reference book of fantasy creations intended to deceive

    Investment quality More polish to the fake and fewer flaws

    Late war production Crude copy

    Genuine Damascus An acid-etched item such as a dagger or sword

    Second pattern Badly flawed counterfeit

    Lifetime guarantee Good for fifteen minutes after receipt by sucker

    My personal collection Made in India

    Forum The blind leading the blind

    Rare item We have a box full under the table
    "It's not whether you get knocked down...It's whether you get up"

    My Collection:

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