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1933 Model. Maker ED Gembruch

Article about: Hi All, this came my way in a trade with other items. Extremely rare maker and is in exceptionally nice condition, this one is marked with the a Roman numerals 111, which according to Ade fr

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    Default 1933 Model. Maker ED Gembruch

    Hi All, this came my way in a trade with other items. Extremely rare maker and is in exceptionally nice condition, this one is marked with the a Roman numerals 111, which according to Ade from a posting in 2010 comes from the Berlin area.
    This actual dagger is photographed in full colour and described Tom Whitman's SS book.
    Complete with original vertical hanger marked as RZM-L2/1051/38.

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    Final photos
    Regards SK
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    very nice.

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    the dagger was offered by stewart wilson from the old brigade. I was thinking about to buy it. I was to late. Congrats. Very nice piece.



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    The grip looks abit odd on this one. It is in almost Too nice of condition, considering that it has a vertical hanger and there are no marks from it on the reverse side of it. The grip eagle and runes button are in Very deeply. It is tempting to wonder if the grip has been replaced at some point in it's lifetime but it is likely just an anomaly from during manufacture. I would use some label remover for the sticker residue on the lower sheath tip. The blade is in beautiful condition and overall it is a fine piece of SS steel. Very nice pickup.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I would tend to lean in the same direction as William on this one, its the grip, the wood grain, the SS button....

    ..However, Ive had a few dealings with Stuart over the years, although expensive is a very honest seller.

    Top nut looks untouched, so its most likely the pictures.

    cheers matty

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    Very nice , congrats!
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    A rarity to say the least..this producer is hardly ever seen..and is for sure a trophy to be included in any political dagger collection especially SS daggers. I do have to agree also with William that this daggers original grip may have been found either very damaged or missing when acquired. This grip "IMO" is not the original grip..and has a poorly executed countersunk space for the grip eagle to fit into. This grip also "IMO" may have been a period reject for that fact...but yet the contour ridges to the crossguards step are quite beautifully fit. Very nice .

    The runes button is one I have never seen and also "IMO" may be what appears as a late RZM runes button or more recent. Just speculation on my part as what is commonly seen with early SS daggers....and their grips is not being exhibited here.

    The lower scabbard fitting appears to be plated and does not match the nickel content or patina of the upper scabbard fitting and crossguards. Could be the photos giving that effect..but there is a visual difference.

    The hanger is the early type and is the same as picture in Toms reference.....and appears to be the unmarked kind. Maybe SK can show some pics of the inside of the hanger. The hanger and dagger which appears in Tom Wittmanns reference pg 177..has been touched up with black polish of some sort....between the time of the photo until presently ( see photos below )

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Again a lovely and rare produced blade. I would not mind to own this one in its current state despite my own "nit picking" of details. Ultra rare SS producer . Regards Larry

    BTW..The sticky label leftover can easily be removed with a spray on bug repellant which the oily properties dissolves the glue ..I used to use this when removing price tags from Music CDs
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    Hi Larry, well thank you very much for your detailed analysis. It was very informative and subjective.

    Below are the some pictures of the vertical hanger. The repair to the leather strap is very good as I have inspected it with a magnify glass.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also sent an email to Tom Whittmann about this dagger, as below.

    Subj: Re: 1933 Ed Gembruch SS DAGGER.

    Dear Colin,

    Thanks for the email, but sorry, I know longer remember anything about
    this dagger - too long ago when it was photographed. If you want to
    send me pictures of the grip, I would be happy to give you my opinion.
    For what it is worth, though, Gembruch pieces are not initial
    production, probably made in 1936 or so, so it is possible the eagle
    placements are not as good as earlier. Hard to say, though, as I have
    seen some pretty lousy grip eagle jobs on many early maker-marked
    daggers also. Contrary to popular opinion, the Germans were not


    Thomas T. Wittmann

    Tom's 2nd mail after I sent some pics.

    Dear Colin,

    Thanks for the email, Yes, I have to agree that the eagle does look like it was possibly reinserted. Otherwise, a really super dagger. it probably could be fixed, if you want to go through the process.


    Thomas T. Wittmann

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