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Broken SS Officers dagger

Article about: Hello, Guys... Itīs me again. I was "out of bussines" coz I didnīt have money enough for a couple months for keep buying the stuff I love ( YES, EVEN MORE THAN MY BEAUTIFULL WIFE A

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    100 DOLLARS!!!!! Forget what I said about not buying it.GET IT LIKE NOW!!!

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    Circuit advertisement Broken SS Officers dagger
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    $100 and the word original german SS is NEVER in the same sentence. That's not even Ģ70 in our language.

    best matty

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    GRAB it quick.

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    While it obviously has some condition issues, and the pictures leave a lot to be desired, from what I seem to be seeing with an original M 1936 @ $100.00 some guys I know would have dislocated their shoulders getting their wallets out. Best Regards, Fred

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    I think if I was you I would get it in my hands before I celebrate the bargain.

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    Soooo did You buy it????

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    ... no... I didn`t... I couldn`t... because as soon I said "yes, it`s not a replica and I want it", the seller wasn`t sure to sell it after all... I know him a little bit and I tryed to buy it for a couple days... but he didn`t do it... why did he offer me the dagger before? I still don`t know... he wasn`t sure about it`s for real, maybe... maybe it`s just to difficult for him to say good bye...

    Anyways... I couldn`t buy it

    Thx a lot for everything, guys

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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    I think if I was you I would get it in my hands before I celebrate the bargain.
    sadly id be lieing if I said I was surprised anyway.

    self valueing via the internet has killed mega bargains imo

    cheers matty

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