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Chained SS Dagger - Eickhorn

Article about: Looks all original to me. '33 Scabbard, '36 blade? Thoughts?

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    Default Chained SS Dagger - Eickhorn

    Looks all original to me. '33 Scabbard, '36 blade? Thoughts?

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    The scabbard is a B1-type scabbard with very heavy patina.
    Spring of the clip looks like its damaged. The scabbard shows very heavy wear but it's all there.
    The dagger itself is a full ground Rohm dagger. Only thing that concerns me is the SS-button.
    This isn't the kind of runesbutton that was used by Eickhorn. (it's possible that they used another button cause of 'out of stock' ot their own buttons)
    So, possible replaced and imo an awefull attempt to repair the heavy damage on the grip on the top.
    Looks like there's been added some kind of material to fill the missing wood of the original grip.
    The blade itself looks very nice though. Gentle cleaning could you get rid off those brown rustspots. Offcourse clean very gentle in the direction of the crossgrainding
    to not damage it.

    Btw, the dagger is placed wrong in the scabbard. I know some of the daggerguys get their hear turn grey when they see this, including me...! :-)

    I would pass on this dagger. Only when the price is right, I maybe would go for the scabbard.
    But then you still don't have the original dagger that belongs to the scabbard. But then, it's possible that the original owner placed his ground Rohm Eickhorn SS dagger in a chained scabbard when he had the permission to wear a chain...
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    An upgraded sheath for a very neatly ground Rohm Eickhorn. The condition, however, is that of a train wreck-particularly the grip. It is Possible that a very careful cleaning and sprucing up would improve the appearance considerably, but the grip is beyond the pale, so to speak. Someone like Wittmann could, no doubt, do good restoration of the wood and may even be able to get that dent out of the sheath, but then again, all you would have is a restored piece in the end. The dagger has Potential, but is not one that I would want.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Agreed with the comments above..and also concerned about the validity of the grip also. What ever happened to it..the damage is heavy..and from the position of the runes button on the upper grip triangle ..I would say the grip was replaced. Eickhorns triangles were larger..leaving the runes button with much surrounded space around it..and not close to the triangles edges.

    This whole ensemble would not be a ble to kep uup with the current market value due to the damage of the grip yet the rest of the combination is heavy in patina stated above.and would be collectable to someone on a budget. Other than the grip issues..this dagger is early production..including the Chain and scabbard. The combination fits together with the time period.

    Regards Larry
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