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Check this out! This came from Mohawk Arms and sold in the early 90s

Article about: Just thought I would post this for reference and discussion.

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    That is tough to hear. Feel bad as well for him. I am sure we all have a "bump on the head moment". I know I have 3 lumps that still hurt due to lack of research and due diligence. Each bump occurred over 30 years and the pain does not go away. Luckily they did not break me or define me. I concur this forum is a great safety net and protective resource for all levels of collectors. It is good to see the heart of everyone caring including you. Together this is a great and I mean great group of folks. I know I joked as well so I certainly meant nothing bad.

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    Circuit advertisement Check this out! This came from Mohawk Arms and sold in the early 90s
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    To lose a Grand on that? Wow....Somebody somewhere sure is snickering...unfortunately, it's not the innocent Buyer. Damn the people that Make this rubbish. A shame the authorities never do a thing about any of it...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    OK, my earlier posting was flippant - but I mean no disrespect to the person who bought it. We've all been duped/misled to a greater or lesser degree in this hobby.

    But if there's one thing I've learned from this Forum, if it's marked 'SS' - it's 99.995% certain to be a fake !

    And I guess it's the hope of that 0.005% that keeps the fakers in business...........

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    Quote by Frogprince View Post
    But the mental image that works best for me is Reichsführer SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei Heinrich Himmler eating some cold pork and beans out of a can. Best Regards, Fred
    I like this one the best
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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