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Early Robert Klass SS dagger for review

Article about: Im looking forward to proper pics, so far its looks great! Ger

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    Default Early Robert Klass SS dagger for review

    Let me first apologize for my crappy iPhone photos. I am currently considering this early Robert Klass SS dagger. A respected dealer has it available and the price sits right about where I can afford for what would be my first SS. The blade is not great as there is long blemish which runs down a good 3/4 of the length close to the edge. Additionally, the rune button is not perfect. That being said, it's an early dagger whose construction I prefer. I didn't see anything else which stood out but I'd like to throw it out to the experts here. Given my budget and preference for an early model, I am aware I am going to have to give up certain condition standards but please let me know if these apparent issues are a big deal.


    Early Robert Klass SS dagger for reviewEarly Robert Klass SS dagger for reviewEarly Robert Klass SS dagger for reviewEarly Robert Klass SS dagger for reviewEarly Robert Klass SS dagger for review

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    Not a German dagger guy by any means so cant help with authentication but I do see something very disturbing in image four there is a finger print on the blade oil from your hands and fingers can damage the finish

    Regards Mark K
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    From the images provided, it looks ok so far.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    The blade.."Appears" to be sharpened from the middle of the blade to the tip.....or is it the Flash creating that effect?.. I agree with Ade...looks good also. Typical Klaas dagger.
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    It probably appears that way due to the lighting as I didn't see anything to suggest sharpening. I did tweak the photos to try and bring in more detail too.

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    Looks like untouched one.
    I like it.


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    looks a nice one.

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    Looks good and the right price for you, happy new year to you. Marty
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    Looks a genuine KLAAS SS to me

    I bet it looks much better in hand than these photos show.

    Mac 66.

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    Thank you all for your input. I purchased the dagger today and couldn't be happier. Proper photos will be forthcoming.

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