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Eickhorn Transitional SS Dagger for opinions...

Article about: Hi all, Someone emailed me about selling this Eickhorn double TM SS Dagger and I'd like to get some opinions. It is in near mint condition, which would make it a great one to get my hands on

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    Just a few observations here.....the grip does Not fit into the guards. The gaps seen are not from normal wood shrinkage. The 5th and 8th photos in post #8 are especially damning-the 8th photo in particular. The finish on these guards is also extremely odd in appearance-looking like neither solid nickels or nickel plateds. The vertical hanger on this piece has been added on at a much later date. It's condition does not, of course, match that of the dagger. The dagger, furthermore, does not show any sign of ever having been in a hanger-there are no marks of such on the reverse side of the grips.
    The Eickhorn mark is also abit unusual. Carl Eickhorn used 5 different marks of this style squirrel between 1933-1941, but I am not aware of any that were not marked "Original", however, that may be possibly simply a variant. I do not, however like the shape of the sword in the squirrels hands nor do I like the oddly huge "dot" in the "I" inside the sword.
    This dagger has a Lot of controversial questions about it and it Seems to be either assembled with Some original parts, but in any case, I would not purchase this piece. I do not believe it is genuine and straight.

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    I have to admit that initially I was excited about this piece, then after some page turning and closer looks at the extra photos i have to agree with Larry and William, the grip handle i believe is a replacement, possibly a repro with genuine insignia added, the fit at the top crossguard is not from natural shrinkage, it is badly formed, a trait of repro grips, I was always under the impression that the "original" logo was applied to all Eickhorn logos,and the grip appears to have been repainted, as for the leather and frog it could well be an add on, in essence i think this is a missmatched piece made up from genuine and fake parts, the intracasies of the finer points of dagger construction i leave to the more experienced but personally i would not be tempted to purchase this item from the details provided

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    Hi Dave not all Eickhorn daggers had "original" just specific dates of production, which stems also to other Eickhorn type daggers. Most commonly seen on Eickhorn naval daggers. At this time we are waiting for member "alliknew" to get back to us with some supporting documentation on his dagger, that has been posted on another forum website.
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    Thanks for that Larry, certainly useful piece of reference material
    cheers Dave

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