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Fake SS-Dienstdolch

Article about: Well lets try one more time. Here are more pictures of my "fake" SS dagger. Everyone still believe that way? If so, it will make a interesting conversational piece. I bought it fro

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    The lower crossguard is from an SA dagger. Note the "w" group marking for Wachstandarte (Feldherrnhalle) .

    Blades with "1936" marked tangs are fakes from the 1970's.

    Sorry Lawrence, but it is a bad one. However, what you paid for it back then it may still be worth as a copy today.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Thay go through a lot to fools us because the money is to good,nobody tryed when this stuff was under $100.Once you hit the big bucks then it becomes a game of how can I get some Dumb-A--COLLECTOR to pay all outdoors for it.And you know the sade truth is we will!We are all walking $$$$$$$$$$$$ to them who make there life work to put it to us.Even yet thare are some with in our ranks who love to feed off of thoes who do not know good from bad.Just think now with a M33 SS dagger doing the money it is doing now,it is now worth makeing them as right as thay can.Thay can make them spot on and it is not going to go away as the price goes up,the faker will try to do there best to fool the next guy.Thanks Darrell

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