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Help with a Robert Klaas SS dagger?

Article about: I have a dagger and scabbard I found in my father's things after he passed away, it appears to be an SS dagger by Robert Klaas. I'm not sure how he got it, but I'm not sure what to do with i

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    Actually,believe it or not...many of the SS collectors today are Jewish, so it's no big deal. Some of their names would surprise you. As for value, I'm afraid that I would have to disagree with Mac, as the condition this piece is in would dramatically lower it's value, in my opinion. Of course, then again, we haven't really been able to see all of it's details so far. It could have an inscription on the other side of the blade, or a personalization on the guard, etc. More photos are absolutely needed for a better evaluation, but right now, if there are no further surprises, I would not assign a high value to it. Considering the story of your grandparents and Poland, it could well have a more important story to it than it's simple face value, and you may want to consider doing abit deeper detective work on it to see if you can unravel it's mysteries. It looks to be abit on the earlier side for age, so, perhaps, the 1936 dates of your family's escape could be significant.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I bet if you were to trade this in you'd be offered no more than £700 and that's being generous.

    I know the boys about here will knock off well over half the value off for a knackered blade, theres a bend in the scabbard and the balls completly gone so this part wont be worth anything. Admittedly the grip looks ok, but if there are horrible engravings on the back then that will be written off too.
    The vertical hanger looks ok, but the plating has lifted terribly on the clip and the leather strap has been sliced with a sharp knife. If the vertical hanger is unmarked, it isn't gonna be worth a great deal.

    That's me telling you what you will be told, but I know too well how it works when it comes to selling daggers.

    best matty

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    Quote by Mac 66 View Post
    What a really weird & morbid item for a Jewish family to own

    Wonder why your father choose to have this SS dagger in his house ??

    Anyway its a genuine period made SS dagger, Vertical hanger looks genuine as well

    Not in the best condition but worth around 1700 to 1800 as a complete rig with the Vertical hanger included imo.

    Regards Mac 66.
    Thank you for the kind reply Mac!

    I don't know why my dad (or my grandfather) would have had this, and I honestly don't believe he knew it was there. For whatever reason, my father was one of the children of survivors that simply didn't like to discuss the holocaust. Over the years, I got the impression nobody on my grandfather's side of the family liked to discuss that time much. I could never get my father to go with me to the Holocaust museum in DC, he simply wouldn't even discuss it. There is a cousin named Frederic Zeller who wrote a book called "When Time Ran Out: Coming of Age in the Third Reich", but it doesn't illuminate my grandfather's side of the story much, as they were in a different part of Germany and a different side of the family. I had a mentor of sorts named Leo Bretholz, who wrote a book called "Leap Into Darkness" about his escape from a train headed to Auschwitz. Interesting aside: when I was a child, I remember my grandfather taking me on Sunday's to a little bookstore, where I was left to build my love of books while he and some man would talk and play chess. Zadie died when I was very young and I didn't think about that much until many years later.

    In the late 90's, a man walked into my bookstore and explained he'd written a book. and would I sell it. I said sure, and took a few copies, including one to read. In the forward, he talked about owning a bookstore, and something clicked. When he came in again, I asked if his bookstore was in Colonial Village Shopping Center and he said yes, and I told him who I was. Thus began a wonderful friendship that sadly ended a few weeks ago when he passed away. My grandfather lost all of his siblings and his parents except a sister, who died in the late 1960's in Israel. Leo was instrumental in getting her out of Germany. I never really knew how he and my grandfather met.

    Ours was the family home, owned by my grandparents from the late 40's and ending up with me when my parents passed away. The stuff we've found between the attic and the basement, is like finding a time capsule. My parents both died within weeks of each other about 2 years ago, and I had been slowly going through things. I found this knife about a year ago, and puzzled on it for awhile, but there was nobody left in my family that might know more about my grandfather's journey, and a WHOLE lot going on in my life to worry about it too much at the time. Much has happened over the last few years, including a move out of state to for my spouses parents, and I always meant to call Leo to ask him if he had any ideas, but "tomorrow" always seemed to be a better time to have that discussion. Now of course, sadly, its too late.

    Anyway, I'm finally at a point where I'm needing to get rid of things, so that's how I've come to finally deal with this. This website has been a wonderful font of information about things like this. My grandfather had a lot of small old pocket knives, nothing else like this though. I've slowly been going through them and selling some here and there, but simply haven't known what to do with this. So many places like Ebay wont allow (or doesn't want) to have Nazi related stuff on their sites or in their shops so I've felt kind of stuck with it.

    I'm going to post more pics now as requested. I appreciate everyone's input, thank you SO much!
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    I don't know how in the world you guys get such great pictures of your knives. I took over 40 pictures & deleted all but these. Hope these help. There are the initials "EZ" carved into the back.

    Attachment 681581Attachment 681582Attachment 681583Attachment 681584Attachment 681585Attachment 681586Attachment 681587Attachment 681588Attachment 681589Attachment 681590

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    Sincerely, thank you Matty and Wagriff and everyone else who's tried to help. I realize its not in the greatest shape, but surely its worth more than throwing it out? For me, I'd rather see someone that appreciates it get it, than for it to sit in a box where its been for 75+ years. Anyway, I do want you all to know I appreciate your input and suggestions!

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    If it's of any help, we Do have a "Classifieds" section here on the Forum where people can sell items. I don't know what kind of price you would be wanting for this dagger, but I would suggest keeping it lower, if you are looking for a quicker sale.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Are you in the US? I would be interested in buying it from you for a fair price (depending on what a fair price is)....I'm no expert on what these are worth, especially in rough shape like it is, but there are a lot of experts here I would trust to put a value on.

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    For the weathered condition that this dagger is is all still early period except for the Hanger as Mattty pointed out but possibly being Mid to late period. The Roman Numeral III on the lower a distribution point for SS daggers which this numeral designates Berlin..and matches your grandfathers story....How he acquired the is true..would be a grave danger for him and his family. I would lean more after the war.
    The grip is typical Robert Klaas having the high necked variety grip eagle..and the stubby SS runes button,..also is a Klaas trait. In the conditon it is is still there seems to be a history following it.
    early SS daggers such as your example...has a great story to tell..of the early period..and time of struggle...which helped usher Hitler into power...most Political dagger collectors..prefer the early type craftmanship..of these type daggers.
    Plating loss is highly noticeable..on the later period daggers. Your Dagger fittings are made with a Nickel silver content...which = " They dont rust" and there is no worries of silver plating loss. You already have buyer..who posted above..and is interested in it. I would encourage the both of discuss any transactions privately. The thread is for discussion of the dagger..and not the sale there of.
    Thankyou for posting has proved to be very interesting..and thankyou for the extra photos. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    rabbitfoofoo would you be able to carefully unbuckle the hanger, spread the belt open and take a picture of the inside of the spine?

    cheers matty

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