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Himmler Honor Daggers, Post Them!

Article about: Billy suggested it, so I thought that I'd start. Here are some of the file photos of the ones that I've owned personally, bought, or sold.

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    First off, all Himmler Honor Daggers are just that. Whether they were awarded as recognition of those who took part in the Rohm purge, or given by the Reichfuhrer as a gift later on, all are highly revered and certainly one of the most sought after 3rd Reich edged weapon.

    Even though they were awarded throughout the years spanning from 1934 onward, they were all most likely constructed prior to 1936. From the 2 brief memos in Ralf's reference that I pointed Larry to the other day, we as collectors haven't a clue what ever became of these mint unissued examples. There was even reference to them being sent to the Dachau to be melted down and reused in the production at Muller's forge.

    To this date, there are only a couple of Himmlers that reside in collections that are completely new and unissued, and with the Eickhorn bags. So the thought that there are 800 some mint new Himmler Honor Daggers in collections today, is very unlikely. There just isn't. And the ones in this pristine condition I can guarantee you, are the most expensive Himmlers that you will ever see, if ever being offered.

    The condition on these Honor Daggers like any other edged weapon, run the entire gamut in regards to condition. Some have been neglected, and others in beautiful condition. I had one several years back that came with a home made leather scabbard. The vet's nephew told me his uncle used it as a hunting knife, and hence the leather sheath on it. But I imagine that most recipients of the honor dagger from the Reichsfuhrer himself, cherished the gift and many were put away for safe keeping.

    And finally, we know that these daggers were manufactured with 2 different Eickhorn small double oval trademarks. Of the 2, the logo of the squirrel with the serrated tail, seems to be the examples that are less often found. I know at times, collectors like to attribute those daggers as the ones that were of the first batch of 200 awarded after the Rohm purge. There is no proof of this, and only speculation. And lastly, if you have a plain jane SA dagger, you don't know if it belonged to a high ranking Gauleiter, or a bar hall rebel rouser. But if you own a Himmler Honor Dagger, without a doubt, it was most definitely the personal property of the Reichfuhrer SS............ it even has his name on it !

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    Well said JR. About a year ago, I saw a Himmler in an eickhorn box with the tissue papger and tags etc. It was quite cool. Then again the price tag was something very high, and the burnishing in the blade had faded to time where it was nearly all gone/washed. Mine does not have a box but it's nice enough for me....and as many of you know.....I'm very, very picky!!! One thing that may have been said that I haven't read though on this particular thread, that JR has stated many times publicly and between ourselves, that it seems likely that at the time these daggers were AWARDED, the SS officer/man already had an M33 (or just possibly even an m36 if these were give out later, despite being produced all around 34-which seems quite likely in my mind). Thus, as JR says, he like cherished the Himmler honor piece and kept it as an award as he already had a parade piece! Perhaps this is why, per capita it seems there are more good conditioned himmlers than other SS daggers generally. This could also be attributed to the fact that some may be simply been treated better based on what they were and to whom they were awarded. Food for thought.

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    What Beautiful Daggers better then a necked lady LOL

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