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Himmler Letter Opener

Article about: Thanks. Very interesting and compelling.

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    Thanks. Very interesting and compelling.
    damit, basta.

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    I noticed this same subject is being discussed on the maroon site. It is interesting how the subject is not always being discussed with the manner we have here. An excellent example of two different philosophies of study.


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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    I noticed this same subject is being discussed on the maroon site. It is interesting how the subject is not always being discussed with the manner we have here. An excellent example of two different philosophies of study.
    Bob has made it possible for us to reflect in depth and cast light on things, without the tendency to break immediately into a pie fight, as happens elsewhere.
    I am not normally a dagger person, though I am very fond of SS daggers, and merely added some mention from the v. Moellendorf book as well as the Atwood book, both of which I happen still to own.
    Bob also understands my perhaps troublesome tendency to nostalgia.

    I guess Atwood was a cold war kind of man, the kind of officer gone bad as happens in certain cases. As I say, he was hardly an innovator in the strict sense, as the fakers had been at work for three decades before these things were made.
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Frogprince View Post
    That was the problem with the supposed TR period "Proof of the Matter". It was forged documentation that was not that well done with errors and an obvious intent to deceive. With one of complaints of a well known (U.S.) researcher in the third link being that the Atwood fakes have even permeated German/European websites that used Atwood as a primary source. Which I have to assume is because there are no TR period documents/resources to support their assumptions - so they used Atwood. Best Regards, Fred
    One has to keep in mind also, that after the war, there were literally Tons of documents-both SS and others-that were captured and taken by the Allies, but there were Also many tons More that were destroyed by the Germans themselves-not to mention the countless others destroyed by the bombings and fires of the war itself or simply stored,forgotten and lost "somewhere". Even if there Had been documentation for the various items, articles and events, it does not automatically mean that such paperwork does still exists. And, simply because a document was captured and still exists in the Archives in various countries such as the US and the Soviet Union, again, it does not mean that they were ever properly identified, sorted and collated. Unthinkable mounds of documents are moldering away in dusty archives throughout the World and will likely never again see the light of day. It is just these circumstances that the high end fakers are Relying on.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by Frogprince View Post of which I believe still has pictures of the homemade supposedly "original documentation".
    History shows us that Eickhorn could afford all manner of free werbung, kundendienstkataloge, color posters, catalogs, the list grows.... yet when they were documenting the elusive Birds head daggers for the supposed top names in the TR, all they could afford was a page torn from a photo album, with a photo glued onto it accompanied by a few names - handwritten in silver marker. A page that is in-print more than once, as originating from the: a document that survives from the Eickhorn factory

    It doesnt matter that no info can be found at all about these daggers before Atwood, or that the quality is so shockingly poor that it just could not be anything near period produced, and the fact that none of the names on the handmade photo page can be linked with any special one-off presentation daggers should also not be important. All that matters is the yellow part, the common sense part

    There are only 2 real possibilities here.

    1 The two (three) dealers offering these at the moment are knowingly trying to scam the collector for rather huge sums of money.
    2 These 2 dealers really do believe that they are offering genuine items.

    1 is a really bitter pill to swallow should it apply, and 2 would amount to nothing more than a public display of ignorance, and cast a shadow over their very basic, general knowledge.

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