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M36 Type I Chain SS Dagger

Article about: Hi all, Here are some pictures of the Chain Dagger I bought from John Meda (Meda Militaria Home en JR. on the WAF) Regards

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    Default M36 Type I Chain SS Dagger

    Hi all,

    Here are some pictures of the Chain Dagger I bought from John Meda (Meda Militaria Home en JR. on the WAF)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TM28.jpg 
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Name:	TM29.jpg 
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Name:	type i chain ss - pas 101 1.jpg 
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    Congrats on your recent SS dagger purchase.

    Did the seller have any comments about the paint on the scabbard or any history on it? The chain seems to have been cleaned with acid or it was heavily pitted at one time. But looks good to me,sans condition.

    It will be interesting to see what others think.

    I would get some "new" larger pics up,vs the dealer pics,if you want more specific opinions

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    Nice piece

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    I'll try to post some other pics later.

    here is what the dealer says about the dagger :

    One of the toughest things to locate out in the collecting community, is an early example of a Type I SS Chain Dagger. Most in the Type I's are either plated examples, or nickel in which the lower crossguard is found stamped with an SA Gau mark. Well, looking at the construction of this dagger it most definitely is one of the earliest Type I's that I've ever encountered. It has all nickel hardware on the hilt which includes early nickel insignia set within the grip. Even the scabbard top and bottom fittings are nickel too, as are the screws holding those pieces in place. The actual chain itself and center band is plated steel, very much like every Type I chain normally is. The throat of the scabbard is also a plated part. There is no doubt that this was one of the earliest Type I chains manufactured when comparing the components use in the construction of this dagger. With that said, now on to the full description.

    This SS Type I Chain Dagger is a beauty... and there is no 2 ways about it. The grip and hilt assembly has to be one of the finest that I've ever seen. With a thick and smooth black chunk of wood, the grip on this dagger is what collectors dream to find on any SS edged weapon. The surface of the wood is so smooth that hardly a imperfection or pressure mark is even noticeable. The solid nickel unmarked crossguards are like new. They too are just as smooth as you can imagine, with a pleasant patina that has developed over the years. The grip emblems have been expertly placed within the wood, and show very little age what so ever. Without a doubt this is one of the nicest grips that I have ever seen on any SS dagger, be it an M33 or M36.

    As previously mentioned, the chain assembly is a Type I variety that is seldom encountered with an early manufactured M36. The links, Wotan's knot, connectors, clip, and center band are plated steel, very much like we see this configuration usually comprised of. Within the top section of the Wotan's knot, is stamped with the initials, "DRGM". And on the reverse of the 1st link of the top chain span, the SS proof can be seen deeply stamped. Have you ever noticed that the Type I links are so clear and precise that you can very easily count the teeth in the leering skulls? 18 of them to be exact. The top and bottom scabbard fittings are early stamped nickel, and both exhibit a nice smooth surface. Even the bottom ball on the lower fitting is completely void of even a single tap. All 6 unturned screws are in place and unturned. The black lacquer on this scabbard while showing age and oxidation, is nearly flawless. I have closely examined all the fitting to find any trace of evidence that the shell has been repainted, but can not see even a speck of black paint anywhere. The condition of the scabbard truly matches that of the entire dagger. I am hard pressed to say that this scabbard has been repainted and lack the evidence to even do so. But I will error on the side of caution in saying that there is a chance that it has been repainted at some time, but I seriously doubt it. We all have seen absolutely pristine lacquer on both dagger and sword scabbards, but they are certainly far and few between.

    There is only one thing to say about the blade. it's as about as mint as they come! Full length, un-sharpened, un-tipped, void of any pitting, very minimal runner marks, and loaded with crossgrain. It has to be one of the nicest SS blades that I have ever seen. The light gray burnished motto is all there being totally untouched. Truly an absolutely stunning blade that matches the beautiful condition of this entire Type I SS Chain Dagger.

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    Hi ya godstrike. Thankyou for the dagger pictures and welcome to the forum. When I tried to deal with this dealer I got the impression that he knew everything and I knew little - Of course because he's the dealer right!
    Its the more common later type 1 chain, certainly not rarer in the slightest like he says. Nickel fittings should have a early type 2 chain imo.
    Never hear of a gau marked crossguard on a chained ss either. would have came off a 33'.
    If it has the 1st type later chain and top plated top fitting the chances are this would have had an annodised scabbard at some point imo.
    I wouldn't be at all surprised if the scabbard was repainted. Look at a scratch in the paint through a loop, is it shallow and hard?
    Also check to see if the screws have been turned, the fittings would have needed to be removed for the respray.
    cheers matty

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    Im afraid that has been resprayed. Professional job though.

    If theres one thing to note when you read a sellers description 'possibly resprayed or could be resprayed' it means resprayed everytime!

    However, its not the end of the world and a overall even with the plated chain a very nice original dagger.


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    Thats a nice looking chained SS dagger with a lovely blade

    i wouldnt worry to much about the scabbard being repainted or not.

    Regards Mac 66.

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    It is a nice dagger.

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    I can only dream of owning one of those! and JR is a great guy and great dealer, Congrats!!!!!!!

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