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My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

Article about: Enjoy that dagger when you get it mate, they are terrific!...............Thanks Jase, I'm pretty pleased with it!

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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    Nice dagger. Even better when it's also in print.........!


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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    Very nice indeed Dave love it!!! ,
    cheers Ronnie

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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    Sandgroper that is the icing on top of the cake when you have a dagger featured in a world renown Reference book on the subject. Its a great feeling!! Same book mine is on pg 632-633! Congrats. Larry

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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    Nice one Dave!
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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    Beautiful!!! my book just came in the mail today I just turned to page 35 ...very nice!!

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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    Siegfried, I just had a look at your dagger in Wittmans book, it looks fantastic! Great photos of a great dagger you must be very pleased with it.
    Thank you to everyone for the nice comments regarding my dagger, cheers, Dave.

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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    I was just wondering if you had any trouble importing into Australia? im in the market for a dagger but before i buy it i want to know if id have any trouble getting it in without the hassle of customs? cheers.

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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    G'day mate, you won't have any dramas if you do it by the rules, it is a bit of a process but you will get one in if you want one. The first thing you should do is visit Australian Customs website, that has all the information you will need to know especially as the rules and regulations do change from time to time with little warning. I don't know where you are from in Oz but you will need to write to the firearms dept of the Police in your state or territory and ask them for a letter giving you permission to import and own a dagger. Unless you have a prior conviction for axe murder you should be fine regarding that. Once you have that, you need to post the original copy of that letter to the customs mob in Canberra and they will issue you with a permission to import document which will cover you for about a 4 month period from the date of issue. That document only covers the particular dagger you want to import so you can't add others to it. I think, by memory, you need to attach photos of the dagger but don't hold me to that as I can't quite remember. Once you have done all of this you have until the closing date on that "permission to import" document to bring your new toy in. Make sure you have these papers BEFORE you import your dagger or Australian Customs CAN confiscate your new toy and fine you for the privilege. As I said at the beginning, please check with Australian Customs website as I would hate to give you the wrong info as I am going by memory here. Also be sure to declare the price you paid for it, you will have to pay gst on it but if you declare something that is worth $5000 for $500 you will quickly find that customs have the internet too and are very switched on to people trying to get away without declaring the market value on an item. It is quite a process and it
    is frustrating but, trust me mate, all of that is instantly forgotten the second you tear the packaging apart and
    finally get to hold your very own SS dagger! Good luck mate and if you need any more advice don't hesitate to ask, cheers, Dave.

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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    Cool, thanks very much for the help! i live in victoria, i thought there would be a bit of paper work to do. Im keen as on getting one so ill do it the right way, doesnt matter how long it takes! cheers.

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    Default re: My SS Dienstdolch by Robert Klass

    Just saw that, Geez Dave you get all the good stuff. Very nice indeed and to know its in print is fantastic!

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