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Newbie SS Dagger Fake?? Help greatful

Article about: Hi everyone Newbie who sells new military kit but now looking into owning ww2 kit esp german, wife is polish so were there often, getting offered stuff all time but panicking reading sooo ma

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    Cute the way they've sanded the scabbard to make it look old. It almost distracts the eye from the wrong screws in the scabbard fittings (but not quite).

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    Circuit advertisement Newbie SS Dagger Fake?? Help greatful
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    Guys thank you its really appreciated, I sell new military clothing, night vision, body armour etc etc but always liked collecting ww2 bits and bobs, my wife is polish and were there often, i naturally thought in my naivety ha that as poland was the base if you know what i mean that there must be millions of goodies coming out of there lofts, i see from asking you its a bit dodge to say the least! ha ha so how do i find goodies there without getting burnt?

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    LOL..and alot of the same coming out of the Lofts of China Spain and Pakistan.

    The market place is more flooded now with junk repros than I feel what had been produced of the original item.

    The scary real looking stuff ( which is made up of a mix of authentic and repro ) come from the eastern bloc countries ( Minus China )

    Regards Larry
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