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Oppinion on this SS Dagger by Puma

Article about: need help with this SS Dagger by Puma i got offered for trade, i like to know real or not and what is the value or better a fair price for this one

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    Default Re: Oppinion on this SS Dagger by Puma

    The grip looks suspect to me as a current Czech repro. However the big issue is the blade and maker logo. To me there is no question that the Puma Logo is a fake. To my knowledge there is only one known 'verified' SS example of a Puma on a SS dagger and it was owned by a friend of mine and is shown on Wittmann's SS tome on page 27.
    The Puma head and eyes are not the same. Besides IMO the above example looks to be 'Laser Etched' and a product from the Czechs in the last 6 years.


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    Default Re: Oppinion on this SS Dagger by Puma

    Total FAKE.

    Crossguards and scabbard fitting look like they were stamped from soup-cans and are off in metal composition, the SS runes are so bad it looks like a child drew them, the blade has "made in china" aura all about it, the PUMA logo is laughable, the grip looks like it was stained yesterday.

    Tangs vs the blade has artificial/unnatural aging on it.

    I've seen worse repros, but this one is really bad. Bikers buy these up a lot though.

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    Don't like it either... Etching looks not real and is indeed more like laser etched.
    Puma used to produce SS daggers the RZM 1052 (cfr Wittmann Reference book p162).

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    It looks like one of the laser etched fakes to me as well. FP

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    This thread is 4 years old, guys...and the OP was the fake selling banned thief "Klinger/Swingcat" etc...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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