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Quality SS Dagger reproduction wanted

Article about: I respect and apriciate your opinion, but a real one is not option, end of story. No disrespect meant, really, I just like to be clear XD I can''t cough up that amount of money without selli

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    Default Re: Quality SS Dagger reproduction wanted

    As the guys have said a nice original SA with a reasonable price tag are available, but the whole idea of a repro is that cheap materials are used to imitate a true example otherwise it wouldnt be worth making it in the first place therefore no matter how hard you look your not going to find a very good repro for a cheap price, however you may find a better looking one than the one you show and just as a example Soldier of Fortune do SS daggers at a reasonable price but better looking, you might try googling their catalogue, its a re-enactors site but they make repros of all equipment

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    I have to agree with the posters suggesting you go for a real SA Dagger. I checked prices for decent wood handel, propper markings, etc repro SS and they go for $350 plus shipping on average if your picky for details. Instead, I just purchased an authentic SA Dagger today from Lakeside traders for $425 plus shipping. I'll post pics when I receive it. It's not completely mint but is in quite good shape, just showing it's age(repros are "chemically aged" to give it that antique look). Don't forget a real WW2 Dagger is an investment. A repro isn't and having a piece of history is icing on the cake.

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    Repros ARE NOT matter how they are shaped ,,and they were never there! Own a piece of real History and you own pride in carftmanship made for a cause. The same awe found in a real period example can not be expressed in the same manner with something that is hollow, and recently made to appear the same. Thieves try to copy history but in near essence ( The most important ingredient and crucial element ),, but yet impossible as that time had already happened. Know what your collecting and study. You will be satisfied Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Default Re: Quality SS Dagger reproduction wanted

    Quality SS Dagger reproduction wanted Here are pics of the SA dagger I purchased from Lakeside traders for $425. It's my first real one and I love it. Paul kindly gave me permission to use the pics on his site as my camera isn't working right. It's a bit of an oddball. The scabbard and blade are early period but the cross guards are plated. He thinks this was made in the period when plated grips were starting to be used. The blade to cross guard fit has no gap, same with the scabbard, it fits perfectly and has matching patina so it is unlikely a parts dagger. I was like the original poster who used to go for repros because of the lower cost but all it did was make me want a real one that much more so with the money I would have spent on a repro, I decided to put that towards a real WW2 dagger and save up.

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    Default Re: Quality SS Dagger reproduction wanted

    You did the right thing!
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    Default Re: Quality SS Dagger reproduction wanted

    It's kind of ironic that the repro daggers got me interested in getting the real thing. I agree. Buying the real dagger was definately the right decision.

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    Default Re: Quality SS Dagger reproduction wanted

    You now have some real history, a symbolic item from an organisation that had a huge impact on the 20th century and no longer exists, I reckon you've done well!

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