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RZM 1196/38 SS dagger.................... .

Article about: Hey guys, Im a complete newbe with collecting antique weapons but I have been searching for a German ss dagger for quite a while now and I have found one for sale about two hours drive from

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    Hello Lakesidetrader, Great to hear from you I have actually had you in my favorits list for some time now and as you have been recommended to me through this site I know should I purchase an ss dagger from you in the future I will have nothing to worry about when it comes to quality and authenticity. I must admit I am some what familiar with the b709b form as I did import a nice flintlock pistol from the states but it seems the ss dagger will be a little more complicated as it will be over the $1000 freshold so I will need to fill out a import declaration form and then a seizure notice but I think it will definitely be worth the minor hassle just so long as customs doesn't destroy it or confiscate it witch of course is unlikely aslong as I fill everything out correctly I guess thats my major concern is I will stuff it up haha Thank you for the post I will keep a look out on your site there is some very nice daggers there : )

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