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SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?

Article about: From My uncle, a medic in WWII.

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    Default SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?

    From My uncle, a medic in WWII.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?   SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?  

    SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?   SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?  

    SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?   SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?  

    SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?   SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?  

    SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?  

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    A good original dagger.

    The blade would benefit ffrom a little TLC.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Agreed-a good earlier Boker.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    i agree with the Gents above
    Munich marked SS dagger with a scabbard that had a repaint over its factory anodizing.
    Lovely grip with a great fit and nice dull nickel fittings!


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    My understanding is that this type of dagger was made with an anodized and lacquered finish on the scabbard, which is consistent with this example.

    What is the Munich mark?

    SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?SS Boker Dagger: Opinions?

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    Hi Dykaar,

    easiest for me is to quote Ade here:

    SS 1933 pattern Dienstdolch distribution markings:
    "These can be found on the reverse side of the lower crossguard of the SS Dienstdolch and comprise of a small die struck marking of either a Roman numeral, I, II or III.

    SS daggers inspected and then were sent to to the various SS districts throughout Germany from three main distributions centers.

    I = München.

    II = Dresden

    III = Berlin.

    "I" seems to be the most frequently observed marking on SS daggers in collections today in Western Europe and the USA. I think this is due to most SS daggers were liberated by US or British forces and they had little opportunity to obtain daggers distributed from eastern parts of Germany. Soviet Forces tended to liberate those with Berlin markings."

    About the scabbard:
    as far as i can see is that it is a painted scabbard, and not an anodized one.
    Best seen on your 6th picture, you can see chipping of the lacquer, that is only paint that chips like that, anodazed metal doesnt do that.
    Paint jobs were often done period because the anodation would easily wear off.

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