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SS chained dagger questions

Article about: I am looking at purchasing a SS chained dagger and this is one option. These are the only pictures I have at the moment but wondered if some opinions could be given on what can be seen. Sell

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    I wont quote Larrys post but theres a good bit of thought gone into what he has said and of course he is right.

    I have always preferred maker marked blades on just about anything, but with these chained daggers the key is to buy something unmarked, undistrict stamped, etc etc and try and keep it plain and as textbook as you can.

    You pay roughly 2.5-3 times the price of a standard 33' mann for the sake of a chain and middle ramp so anything against the grain will be putting this closer to the 33' price tag so be aware when you come to trade as people will pick up on it.

    Good luck with the search Steve,

    Best wishes Matty

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    Books are usually good as a starting place, with the Caveat that some might have fakes and bad information, while others may or may not need to have updated information. Which is an area that an online forum is sometimes perhaps better at - also taking into account the fact that the pictures in books are oftentimes lacking in detail (a fact as the more detailed online photos have from time to time disclosed both outright fakes and “humpers” (postwar altered items). That said, I would be very remiss to not add that the information online can be very limited and/or sometimes not be accurate or even false. Speaking for myself - preferring the books from those who have a sincere interest in the topic that they can actually backup what they are saying with period information. Versus someone in the "TR Business" who is also selling the same items seen "authenticated" in various books - thinking first but not exclusively of the late James Atwood.

    But more to the point here, I was hoping that No1canuck was going to be provided some additional photos that showed more detail. But then I also know that some of the fakers and/or questionable dealers also look at the forums to see how an item is doing, or looking for hints to make better fakes, usually shutting down when an item is questioned.

    Which could be the case here as no new photos have been provided - with the following what I saw: The rear image with the gray background showing with what appears to be a steel based chain? While the other image of the front with the red background having what looks like a brass based fake chain set with the plating falling off in places? With my question here being does the seller even have a chained SS dagger, or is this just another scam from somebody who has access to some photos?? Best Regards, Fred
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