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SS dagger

Article about: Hi Glen, and welcome to the forum! These are not "dings". This is where the plating is lifting off the zink base metal. Perfectly normal on later issue RZM quality daggers. Cheers,

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    It looks a good one to me the runes are straight up which is correct for this unknown maker and the scabbard painted, correct nickel grip eagle,
    (shame about the blistering on the crossguards though)
    hope this helps cheers Ronnie

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    I like it and see no problems. (after he put in the scabbard the right way around )

    Cheers, Ad.
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    Thank you gentelmen for your helpful comments!

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    I think it looks good except that the scabbard has a recent repaint,, which does not coincide with the rest of the condition of the dagger. Overall it looks ok.

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    Quote by Siegfried B View Post
    I think it looks good except that the scabbard has a recent repaint,, which does not coincide with the rest of the condition of the dagger. Overall it looks ok.
    In my opinion the paint is genuine..see it's character and small vains on photos. Does anyone think it is repainted?

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    Mr Stardust, I never doubted the authenticity and I know you really want this dagger very much,, my comment was based on past experience. I see the veins you are talking about and I also see a paint over of something I circled in color. I will repeat myself again that the scabbard condition does not coincide with the over all condition of the dagger especially the upper crossguard and the motto looks to have a few bits of brown coloration. The blade coincides with the rest of the dagger,, just the scabbard is repaint. I am only posting a comment to be constructive. When one person collects a number of SS/ SA daggers,,One will see that all are not the same because of distinct characteristics, that gives it its own identity.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS dagger   SS dagger  

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    Thatīs an interesting observation...I have seen some repainted scabbards with paint covering the marks of corrosion, small dimples etc., but I am not sure if this is that case. I just donīt know..yes, you could be right but maybe it could be a sign of oxidation or some other changes in itīs surface caused by itīs age...Maybe only holding this dagger in hand could answer this question.
    Anyway, thank you for your comment! I do appreciate this impuls to look on the dagger without wearing rose-coloured glasses...Nothing is as clear as it looks for the first sight.

    P.S. I took few photos of one SA dagger from my collection...The surface structure of scabbard looks a bit strange too, but this untouched dagger comes directly from my grandfather and I know all itīs history and know as well the scabbard was 100% painted before the year 1945. Is there coincidence with all parts? I donīt know, canītell...Still many questions for me to be sure.

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    Hi Ziggy Great photos!! You can see a difference now between the Two daggers. The best answer I can give without going into great detail, ( because there are fakers out there reading this also) when you collect enough of these,,you will see a difference ,, will see a difference between early period painted SS and Late RZM painted and once you know that....then you will know what has been repainted recently or spray painted! Time and in hand study, will be anyones best tool in collecting these beauties. It would be worth it to you very much if you are wanting to go into the direction of collecting SS daggers that are widely faked because of their desirability, and value my advice to you is purchase Tom Wittmanns SS reference for $175. This will be a great tool for you and answer more questions you may have That I and many others are not qualified to answer. Since we can not post links on this forum,,,you can type in Tom Wittmanns name in your search engine. His site will come up. This is a great book to have if you are serious about collecting. Nice to chat with you Ziggy and you were great on stage back during the 1970s just joking....Best regards Larry

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    Thank you for all your helpful input...I know his books, but have only one - exploring daggers of LW. As you can see, SS daggers are another level for me and I am just on start on my way to go through it...
    Yeah, you are right...those were the the times....especially in W. Berlin with Iggy :-)

    Best regards

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    I don't like the way the top of the hilt seems to have so many dings on it.... and the rest is relatively clean..... (like its been deliberately dinged) and also the SS logo on the blade seems a touch untidy.... in particular the second 'S'..... Ask for a 7 day inspection period with a money back guarantee, if the dealer says no..... then save your money.

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