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SS dagger

Article about: Hi Glen, and welcome to the forum! These are not "dings". This is where the plating is lifting off the zink base metal. Perfectly normal on later issue RZM quality daggers. Cheers,

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    Default SS dagger

    I think this beauty looks really good, but would be very pleased for your comments.
    Any problems with this dagger?

    Thank you for your input!


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    Circuit advertisement SS dagger
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    Default Re: SS dagger

    I would request to see it in the scabbard the correct way!



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    Default Re: SS dagger

    Good point guys,
    I must say I am really grateful for these photos with detail of pin, eagle etc....No so common to get so detailed photos from sellers.
    I allready told him about his mistake and asked for more photos with dagger correctly putted in the scabbard... you like what you see?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: SS dagger

    I would also ask to see a photo with the item and your name and date placed near it on a piece of paper. I was burned by similar pictures as these for $950. Ade advised me to get pictures of the dagger inserted in the scabbard the correct way and I did not..........hence I got burned. The guards and handle look o.k.....I am by no means an expert so I will let others chime in. If you don't know this seller and the price is below $2500 I would be leery.......



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    Default Re: SS dagger

    Price is about $ 2.500 :-)

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    Default Re: SS dagger

    I like it.Is there any way to get rid of that nasty smduge on the back,looks like a fingerprint.

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    Default Re: SS dagger

    Personally I would only do pay pal and I would request more photos like I mentioned. Better safe than sorry.
    I say this because I got toasted with very nice photos!!



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    Default Re: SS dagger

    Seller is a private person and made a statement that dagger is not a parts-dagger and is completely genuine....The seller is from the same country as me and I work as a lawyer...He would - in a case of any problems - quickly realize thatīs not a good idea to pull my leg :-). I know how to solve these problems.

    Here is that photo (that was quick)... gentlemen, I think it looks really good! Hm?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS dagger  

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    Default Re: SS dagger

    I would buy via pay pal! Lawyer or not wire will never know who to go after!!
    Just my opinion!


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    Default Re: SS dagger

    Payment and related things are really wihout a problem for me(if it was international purchase,situation would be much complicated and PayPal could really help),I would like to know if you like what you see on pics. or not...

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