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SS dagger

Article about: Hey guys, Some one offerd me this dagger. I truly dont have a idea if it is real. Can you guys help me? Thank you.

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    Default SS dagger

    Hey guys,

    Some one offerd me this dagger. I truly dont have a idea if it is real. Can you guys help me?

    Thank you.

    SS dagger

    SS dagger

    SS dagger

    SS dagger

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    Circuit advertisement SS dagger
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    The pics are quite poor but I think this daggers not too good mate.

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    There are many original SS daggers posted on the forum, please have a look and compare. The quality on this example is extremely poor. The motto on the blade isn't even straight.

    SS daggers are gorgeous, this is not. Keep hunting, you'll find a good one. Expect to open the wallet

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    Bad. Walk away.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    No its awful, run away!


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    I dont know much about these daggers at all but I do know that one is poor!

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    A cheap copy from Spain. I picked one up around 1980 for about $40.
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    If I had a choice between this dagger and a dried horse turd I would take the turd. At least I could use the turd as fertilizer.

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    Hi Dark Eagle ... The gents are right .. Typical Spanish copy .. The crossguard borders are a dead giveaway as on authentic examples are thin to none. The lines are way too thick the Oafleaf motif is wrong. Thankyou for bringing it here and showing... It's best never to jump into an expensive investment without doing some homework .. And the use of a few advisors. There is slot to behold onthe dagger forum and throughout the WRF . Enjoy your stay . Best regards Larry
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