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SS Dagger 4459

Article about: Hi, I have bought an early SS dagger maker Gottlieb Hammesfahr with member number 4459 on the crossguard. I send a mail to Ross Kelbaugh and got good news. Hi Bart: Thanks for the inquiry. G

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    Default SS Dagger 4459

    Hi, I have bought an early SS dagger maker Gottlieb Hammesfahr with member number 4459 on the crossguard. I send a mail to Ross Kelbaugh and got good news.

    Hi Bart:

    Thanks for the inquiry. Good news for you today. SS-Oberführer Hans Weinert, SS No. 4459, DOB. 18.01.1888, NSDAP 249 303 was assigned that SS membership number. He is listed in the SS-Dienstalterslistes for 10/1934, 7/1935, 12/1936, 12/1937, 12/1938. 4/1942, 11.1944. He has a SS Officer File and a Race & Settlement File (all SS men and their fiancés had to go through an application process to get permission to marry) in the National Archives. He may also have NSDAP membership file cards.

    Would you be so kind to check some of the pictures and give your opinion. I have been looking since long to find a genuine dagger and got a lot bad luck on the way. Bought this one from a known armour dealer in Belgium. Seems trustworhty.

    Best regards

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    really cool!
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    Hi, looks like the crossgaurd to handle fit is not so good. I think originality is o.k., but maybe parted together or replacement parts?? Let some others weigh in here and see what their opinions are.

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    I'm not feeling too comfortable on this one-despite the member number actually matching an existing one(how hard is it to look up one at random and add it? Or did someone swap out the guards of a numbered but damaged dagger and add them to a fairly solid original to make a complete one with numbers?). The grip in my opinion, has been replaced. Bottom line, it is not one that I would feel good about having in my collection. There are many such better pieces still out there and available.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Something is amiss with this dagger..and would also have to agree it may be parted together...yet all the parts are authentic...but not sure what producers they all belong to. So this dagger from the dealer is authentic..all being within the early period from what I can see. Just my Opinion. Regards Larry
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    Bart dealing with early SS dagger is like meeting a lovely girl for the first time.
    Use your gutfeeling, just a first glare in most times is enough, and yes there is love at first sight in some cases.
    Unfortunate not on this one for me.
    This first sight is not that well for me, im missing unity in the dagger, looking closely the grip to guard fit is not that well, i would expect better margins.
    IMO this is not how this dagger first left the factory.
    I agree that all parts look genuine, but i think they are mixed.

    About this numbered guard, as pointed out above its easy to find a good number, there are a few lists available on the internet, only thing is not to pick a number that has been used before, and pick one that will fit in the timeframe of the dagger, not that hard.
    Im not saying your number cant be legit, only that i would only buy a complete sleeper or one with provenance, otherwise it would add nothing to the dagger imo.
    If the dealer is a respectable dealer then he will have no problems taking this one back, i would not feel comfortable with this one, sorry!
    Asking help can result in hurtful answers/opinions in some cases.

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    Hey Bart thanks for your email to my website. seller is known and to my knowledge reliable.
    I agree whit the gents above it seems like the grip or the lower guard has replaced, the fit is not what you exept on this type daggers. The rest looks good for me.

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    I'm with the guy's and not convinced with this dagger in question,perhaps you'll post some close up's.
    The wooden handle doesn't look like a typical early Hammesfahr.

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    I'm with my friend, Gerd. Every thing looks Hammesfahr, except that grip. Is there as scabbard with it as well ?

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    Here is good example of an early Hammesfahr 33 grip.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GHF5.jpg 
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