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SS Dagger

Article about: by brataccas Is this one fake? top of the page: ww2 page 1 Please post photos, not just a link. Otherwise this question is useless. Ralph.

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    that number though 1882..... that`s just over the top.

    ps: Uric of England has one for sale(repainted though).
    6000 euro`s for a ss dagger is pretty sick.

    regards, Job

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    Circuit advertisement SS Dagger
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    Advertising world

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    I would think of the photos being posted here as "free" advertizing?

    But yes, lazy post. For anyone to learn anything here, and the site to retain the info, the pics need to be up in the original post. Or someone who has zero interest in it can waste his valuable time doing it. I'd do it, but my wife is pestering me to cut some wood today... Someone will have to do it or this thread will disappear as Larry threatened.

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    Hi, I, for one would not mind at all if this thread disappeared, there is nothing here. And just the heading of "SS dagger" will have everyone stopping in to look. Waste of time.

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    The invisible SS Dagger

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    Pics there care of me.
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    Nice work Ade.

    Some members seem to constantly lower forum standards in terms of lazy posting and attitude.

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    Quote by paulscoot View Post
    Out of interest folks ,Where do you stand when most militaria sites claim that their photographs are "copy right" and not to be reproduced, do we just copy and be damned or do we ask the site owners for permission?
    Quote by rbminis View Post
    If they are watermarked, keep the water mark. If they are not, simply give credit where the photos come from.
    Most that are honest will not mind.
    Absolutely very important and if ownership is available,,always give credit. That builds character for oneself and the forum. Most photos found these days are from search engines..and unnamed. Anything else found unnamed off the web was brought in and logged by the search engine Admins.

    From that point IMO becomes their responsibility to give credit to the photos received. If not...then the term " Copyright " becomes irrelevant and in turn becomes
    " Right to Copy "

    Any photo found that may be found text marked ( You cant use water on photoshop ) One should give where credit is due...and avoid any repercussions of any type. For the WRF while we reside would be best to give where credit is due. Regards Larry

    @ Larboard....You better go cut some wood..before your wife makes you disappear ! LOL
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Not all laws are that easy when using photo's without permission.
    In Germany you will pay for every Photo used without permission a fee that can easily be 400-500 euro a piece.
    Copyright is taken very seriously there.
    I know examples of their law in my German collectors circle.


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    Ok my turn first.

    Going by the pictures supplied the Blade looks to be original.

    However the grip imo has been changed on this, its definitely repainted and definitely have had some work. I cant say im enthusiastic about the SS runes either, they have taken on an unusual tone which is odd as the eagle hasn't.
    Also if you look the grip steps down rather allot.

    Repainted scabbard. I cant really see the fittings so cant comment.

    I don't know why there is a letter 2 on the guards? IMO all these numbered look to have been added and during the process the top guard was damaged and then re straightened.

    Personally, theres too much going on with it so not for me.

    best matty

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    This is a parts dagger and I have very strong doubts about the blade. Put together parts. The grip and such are likely bad and I believe the blade is as well.

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