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ss dagger 941/36 transition dagger. need help!

Article about: Hey guys i need your help again to determine if this dagger is real or a repo. Please let me know and thank you all in advance! All the pictures ive seen of this dagger the rzm is not close

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    Quote by wick View Post
    yes the rzm stamp is much lower then the dagger that was shown to me. It just seems so difficult to find a real one and not someone trying to rip you off. i was reading on here to that a company / dealer is aus is selling fake items to for big money. i would not be a happy camper as i have been burned before over 200 bucks. but thousands!? starting to becomPe discouraged with this hobby of collecting this era. but you guys here are a ton of help and have saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you to the person that said for me to post first here then possibly buy.
    It's not only the position of the Trademark. Take a closer look at the RZM & year code! If you compare it,side by side,you'll see the difference.
    Here is another fake Logo from my database. Booth are Laser etched.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ss dagger 941/36  transition dagger. need help!  

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    Circuit advertisement ss dagger 941/36  transition dagger. need help!
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    Also in support in Gerds findings below are 2 images one being the fake example..the other from Tom Wittmanns inventory..detail and logo placement is very noticeable.

    This photo is the dagger in question
    ss dagger 941/36  transition dagger. need help!

    Tom Wittmann Example below
    ss dagger 941/36  transition dagger. need help!

    Maybe the truth is late ..but not lost in this case. I thank Gerd "Kreta" for his knowledge and sharpness of eyes

    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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