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SS Dagger Blade Fonts

Article about: Here's pics of the different font on the 2. SS dagger blades. The one which is black is on the chained dagger and the other one is on another SS dagger, the black font is smaller than the ot

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    Hi, first of all I would like to say thanks for all your comments to my thread. My concerns was with the style and size of the font, as I haven't seen this style before on SS blades, as you all know different people have different opinions on things and if something is not the known common often seen, then it puts a doubt in your mind as to if it's genuine or not. For this reason I just wanted to put my mind at rest that the font is genuine and the blade is original, It would be nice if someone else had a dagger with the same font to show on the forum. Someone tolsd me by the time SS chained daggers were made, they were all by RZM and had a standard font style, someone else said this font isn't shown in the dagger book, so hope now you all understand my concerns.
    As for the fissure, that's just a reflection on the blade when I took the picture. The bits where the blackening is missing on the blade i'm not worried about either. Hope this clears up any missunderstanding. Thanks. Steve

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    Hi Steve, the person who told you this "fact" about RZM standardised fonts on 1936 pattern daggers frankly does not know what he is on about! Ignore it!

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks for all your comments, I feel more settled about it now. Cheers

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    the grey showing through in the lettering is no issue. its just the black burnishing wearing off. some blades retain the black in the lettering better than others.

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