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SS Dagger Gottlieb Hammesfah. Oppinions please.

Article about: Hello this one is up for sale at an auction?i only have this 2 pictures, would be nice to hear what you guys think! Best Regards Tobias.

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    Hello, again and thanks for all info and reply on this one, have to decide today do you think 2000$ is a decent price for this one now when i know that the Scabbard is either repainted SA ,or repro scabbard. is alot of money but have not seen many in this condition
    for two more pics again.

    Best Regards Tobias.

    SS Dagger Gottlieb Hammesfah. Oppinions please.
    SS Dagger Gottlieb Hammesfah. Oppinions please.

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    Circuit advertisement SS Dagger Gottlieb Hammesfah. Oppinions please.
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    I understand completely that it's very tempting to buy this dagger for that kind of money. Believe me, I went true the same… (ask LarryC. ;-) )
    But if I were you, I would keep that 2000$ and patiently save and raise money for a complete SS dagger with it's Original scabbard. There are plenty of them.
    Offcourse it is your money and I'm not to decide what to do with it but believe me, if you buy this dagger, you will not be satisfied in the end because you just know that the scabbard doesn't belong to this dagger.

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    Yeah its tempting!! SS ex-Röhm daggers for 2K dont grow on trees. i will decide this within 12 hours and if i buy it i will post my own pics of the dagger here! Krisse do you got any European dealers to recomend?

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    Be a purist and don't buy him. It's the best advice you can have.
    You will also have troubles to sell him again when that time is there.
    2000$ is still a lot of money and actually... yes, ex-Röhms do grow on trees. They are not that rare!
    Last edited by KRISSE; 08-10-2018 at 10:32 PM.

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    hehe i ok i shall take alook in the wood and see if i find any rare depends you can easy find them but i dont often see them for 2K but anyway i listen to your advice and i guess i will wait and buy one with original scabbard!


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