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This SS Dagger look OK

Article about: I didn't take the hanger off this time , it was a quick visit . But the sun was out and I had my real camera so I grabbed a few quick shots . Still hoping to close the deal and if I do , I'l

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    Default This SS Dagger look OK

    I have a chance to get this dagger , I blade is still dirty and oily . But it looks good to me . Sorry about the photos , phone camera . The vertical hanger is SS marked also . Any thoughts on what it would be worth ? Thank you
    Cheers Chris
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    I you try with the flash turned off the photos might turn out better.

    Other then that all I can see with my rookie eyes is that it is a pretty big gap on one of the sides between the grip and lower crossguard.
    Not sure what the number is on the blade. Might be 807 / 36 which I think is a good sign. But kind of hard to tell.
    And the grip looks quite new compared to the rest of the blade.


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    Hi Chris,

    i have a good feeling about this SS dagger, looks like the blade is etched RZM 807/36 SS,

    whats the story behind it ?, been stored away for decades ?

    Vert hanger is genuine imo

    lets see better detailed photos

    Mac 66.

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    Hey Chris. Does the grip have quite a big step where it meet the top crossguard?

    Blades a mess and needs to be saved asap. Presumably theres an rzm circle there somewhere under the rust?

    best matty

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    If I can close the deal , I'll be able to get some good photos . Not sure about it's history , but it hasn't been cleaned in sometime , if ever . I should also add the bottom of the sheath is crushed in , looks like it was dropped . Any idea of value ? If I see him again soon I'll bring my real camera . Thanks for the replies .

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    It looks good to me, from what we can see through the crud and corrosion on the blade. The 807/36 is from a still unknown maker. As for Value, that's Really difficult to estimate without seeing what's under the rust, but the hanger alone is worth over $300. From the top half of the sheath, it looks okey too. Realistically, I wouldn't suggest investing a great deal of money into it, but it does look to be a woodwork dagger and aside from the blade, seems to be fairly decent. It should look Much better when prettied up abit. If you could get it for, say, under $1200, you would be doing pretty good, in my opinion, but I wouldn't go much past that. (The strap on the hanger needs to be threaded through the ring,btw!)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thank you William for the information and a value . I do hope to get this one , SS daggers don't come out of the woodwork that often . If I do get it I'll post more as is photos , and get some information on how to clean it up . Thank you again .

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    Hi CBH...the dagger looks good to me also....other than the condition it is in. The blade should clean up a little. Hopefully the crud under the RZM number will wipe off for you. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Try to get it cheap, clean it up alittle bit and flip it for profit, then put that money towards another one in better condition...but this is exactly what a dagger that survived the war should look like, you can tell the vet brought it back and threw it in a dirty tool chest or stored it in his basement for 80 years, the handle looks way better then the blade which may be a red flag but let the experts decide on that, the hanger is very desirable!

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    Well Gents i think you all got it wrong
    Im pretty sure this blade would clean up great, and with a great hanger a straight anodised scabbard a lovely grip you all would be amazed.
    The grip, scabbard and more important the great leather condition of the hanger say one thing to me: pretty well stored!!!
    The blade looks terrible because it has dried conservation grease etc.
    Lots of preservation grease would go off in a hot oven ( 160 deg. celcius would do the trick)
    This one for sure i would buy without any doubt for 2K

    I guess it will turn out a beauty!


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