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This SS Dagger look OK

Article about: I didn't take the hanger off this time , it was a quick visit . But the sun was out and I had my real camera so I grabbed a few quick shots . Still hoping to close the deal and if I do , I'l

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    Default This SS Dagger look OK

    I have a chance to get this dagger , I blade is still dirty and oily . But it looks good to me . Sorry about the photos , phone camera . The vertical hanger is SS marked also . Any thoughts on what it would be worth ? Thank you
    Cheers Chris
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture This SS Dagger look OK   This SS Dagger look OK  

    This SS Dagger look OK   This SS Dagger look OK  

    This SS Dagger look OK  

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    I you try with the flash turned off the photos might turn out better.

    Other then that all I can see with my rookie eyes is that it is a pretty big gap on one of the sides between the grip and lower crossguard.
    Not sure what the number is on the blade. Might be 807 / 36 which I think is a good sign. But kind of hard to tell.
    And the grip looks quite new compared to the rest of the blade.


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    Hi Chris,

    i have a good feeling about this SS dagger, looks like the blade is etched RZM 807/36 SS,

    whats the story behind it ?, been stored away for decades ?

    Vert hanger is genuine imo

    lets see better detailed photos

    Mac 66.

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    Hey Chris. Does the grip have quite a big step where it meet the top crossguard?

    Blades a mess and needs to be saved asap. Presumably theres an rzm circle there somewhere under the rust?

    best matty

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    If I can close the deal , I'll be able to get some good photos . Not sure about it's history , but it hasn't been cleaned in sometime , if ever . I should also add the bottom of the sheath is crushed in , looks like it was dropped . Any idea of value ? If I see him again soon I'll bring my real camera . Thanks for the replies .

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    It looks good to me, from what we can see through the crud and corrosion on the blade. The 807/36 is from a still unknown maker. As for Value, that's Really difficult to estimate without seeing what's under the rust, but the hanger alone is worth over $300. From the top half of the sheath, it looks okey too. Realistically, I wouldn't suggest investing a great deal of money into it, but it does look to be a woodwork dagger and aside from the blade, seems to be fairly decent. It should look Much better when prettied up abit. If you could get it for, say, under $1200, you would be doing pretty good, in my opinion, but I wouldn't go much past that. (The strap on the hanger needs to be threaded through the ring,btw!)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thank you William for the information and a value . I do hope to get this one , SS daggers don't come out of the woodwork that often . If I do get it I'll post more as is photos , and get some information on how to clean it up . Thank you again .

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    Hi CBH...the dagger looks good to me also....other than the condition it is in. The blade should clean up a little. Hopefully the crud under the RZM number will wipe off for you. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Try to get it cheap, clean it up alittle bit and flip it for profit, then put that money towards another one in better condition...but this is exactly what a dagger that survived the war should look like, you can tell the vet brought it back and threw it in a dirty tool chest or stored it in his basement for 80 years, the handle looks way better then the blade which may be a red flag but let the experts decide on that, the hanger is very desirable!

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    Well Gents i think you all got it wrong
    Im pretty sure this blade would clean up great, and with a great hanger a straight anodised scabbard a lovely grip you all would be amazed.
    The grip, scabbard and more important the great leather condition of the hanger say one thing to me: pretty well stored!!!
    The blade looks terrible because it has dried conservation grease etc.
    Lots of preservation grease would go off in a hot oven ( 160 deg. celcius would do the trick)
    This one for sure i would buy without any doubt for 2K

    I guess it will turn out a beauty!


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