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SS Dagger, opinions please?

Article about: Hi guys, could I please have your opinions on this one?, not convinced about it, the runes on the grip are not straight. As far as I can see the grip fits ok on the cross guards. Marking e.p

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    The sunken ss freaks me out. I will have one at some point, just hang in, you will find one you like and probably for the right money

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    Circuit advertisement SS Dagger, opinions please?
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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    Juan, Hi.
    It wouldn't be for me and Il tell you why.
    It is presumably meant to be an early 33, but has a repainted Rzm scabbard. The tangnut is also the plated type, but should be nickel.
    Going by the numeral on the guard these are early, but it is back to front.
    Grip looks repainted so its either SA or a repair. The Sunken SS button isn't a good sign either.
    As a lesson though don't wouldn't write an SS dagger off because of the sharp angle of the runes as the early ones were set this way so when the dagger was in wear (typically 45 degrees) the runes were straight up/down.
    To be fair its not good to comment on the blade or number without clearer pictures. If these are the pictures you have been given from the seller take it as a warning shot.
    IMO the vertical hanger is a replica.

    Ps. Ask if you can see the SA dagger in the background.
    Great sound advice IMO .. G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    I'm not in the market for one of these, but I do read every thread that comes along, also have a fairly good eye for little details, and there isn't anything I like about this one, or the terrible pictures.

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    To also clarify and support Matttys comment on the twisted Runes button that it was set that way by the SS man...and not factory done. This turning ranged from 6oclock to 8 oclock ..none of which go backwards in the opposite direction.

    We see these settings with all SS daggers..and mostly random. The turning of the SS runes shows the mind set of the SS man and his thinking. The SS man wanted to make sure at the 45 degree angle that it was vertical in sight to see.

    Regards Larry
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