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SS dagger with rare inscription?

Article about: There is so much talent and beauty in the world..which not enough of it will ever been seen to be proven true....each of which are one of a kind. Hard to say with 2 black and white photos. T

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    Like I said, I've Heard of them but have never actually Seen one before. And, from the picture, I'm not sure that I'm seeing one Now either....The grip has a Huge gap by the upper fitting and the engraving on the blade looks unprofessional. I'm not all that worried about the scabbard throat fit, as it's a chained scabbard that may well have been added to an existing dagger as an "upgrade" when the chained's came out, but on a whole, the Look of it just doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence! William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    I’ve seen other fakes targeting Scandinavian collectors. But what I’ve found to be of the most interest is the idea of a Norwegian SS “Quisling” dagger. Which is something that I think I would have remembered.

    Norway was invaded in 1940. And being entitled to wear the M 1933 dagger was not a casual matter like going to a retail establishment and purchasing one. It was controlled. Likewise the M 1936 was also controlled. So (as Ade mentioned) even if the “rumor” was true it could not have happened until long after dress sidearms ceased to be manufactured. And in the image it looks to me like it most likely was the early nickel silver Model 1936 scabbard, instead of the later nickel plated steel one. (And there is more as to what was required to earn either of the daggers.) So the scabbard was just laying around for years waited to be assembled to this dagger??

    Next I would imagine is ascertaining if that is in fact the official signature of Vidkun Quisling? As is does not seem to match that on an award document I’ve seen that was supposed to have been signed by him. Signatures also being an area of contention with the fantasy “Hühnlein” NSKK daggers which did not match his period “Official” signature. (With the “Hühnlein” blade signatures besides not matching his official signature, ultimately they were found to have been done with a ‘Dremel’ tool or comparable type rotary engraver.) FP

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    It's difficult from the washed out black and white photos to tell just what era scabbard this is, in my opinion. It could be a newish plated piece or a solid nickel. From the lousy photos, who knows? As for the signature, it has enough similarities to Quisling's to probably be his or an approximation. Looking around, just about every Quisling sig looks like it has different aspects to it. It looks like his signature was a constantly changing thing- but then, of course, he wasn't known to be a rock solid stable personality to begin with. But, at any rate, it's all academic in any case, as the dagger doesn't look to be a believable piece to begin with. IF they ever Did exist-and this is a big "if", I doubt very much if this shoddy looking thing in the poor quality photos is one of them. Like Anton said in his first post, the supposed dagger in the photo has long since vanished and it's owner has been dead for a decade now,so it really doesn't matter anyway! Did these things Ever really exist? It isn't unheard of to have specially engraved "honor" pieces made to give to special recipients. Is This type of dagger one of them? These Quisling daggers have been debated hotly over many different forums for quite some long time now. Until (or If)the day comes where someone actually hauls one out and puts it up for public inspection, we may never know.... William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    Where does all this S**t come from.Is there some guy sitting around trying to make up stuff they can sell.

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    Quote by operaman View Post
    Where does all this S**t come from.Is there some guy sitting around trying to make up stuff they can sell.
    Every day-every year-from all over the world...Poland, Chinese, Latvia, India, name it-and as time goes by, they get better and better. William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    William, In the image posted, the darker color/patination inside the links and cloverleaf recesses would IMO strongly suggest nickel silver versus nickel plating. And it seems to be etched instead of engraved. But admittedly that is just my sense of it because I don't see much in the way of shadows for the motto, with the signature seeming to fade away in a couple of places.

    I also understand the point about signatures being a variable. Which was also one of the arguments used a while back to try and validate the “Hühnlein” fantasy daggers. With one of the problems for them being that what was selected for the daggers was at odds with period commemorative NSKK medallions and some of the other documentation. With the signature on this dagger not looking like the award document I mentioned. But I would be more than happy to look at any of the other signatures you mentioned if you have them available, because looking at other samples was helpful with the NSKK daggers.

    And not remembering seeing the other discussions you mentioned, I don’t know if the legitimacy of Quisling presenting SS “Honor” daggers was ever called into question. Agreeing that a much closer inspection of any of these supposed “Honor” pieces could be very helpful. FP

    PS to operaman: A lot of fakes we see now are “old school”. Coming out of collections where they have been sitting for 20, 30, or 40 plus years. With one batch of known “Honor” type fakes that was made in the 1950’s - long before it became (unfortunately) much more commonplace.

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    You've got better eyes than I've got,FP! Hey, to me, the fittings all look grey and washed out-they could be made of stainless steel, for all that I can make out from the pics! lol I don't have a file of Quisling sigs, but it's a fairly quick thing to do a speedy Google and find a half a dozen to look at, which, to Me, anyway, all look strangely different from each other. In any case, the inscription looks crude and totally unprofessional, it even has rough uneven edges to the lettering- unlike what you would expect from an SS item. But, what do I know? I know that I don't Have one-either real or counterfeit and don't have any particular desire to own one(although,if Quisling's own personal dagger happened to be offered to me, I'm sure I wouldn't have to be persuaded too hard to accept it..) If such pieces Did exist, I think I'd rather own an oak leaf,swords and diamonds Ritter instead. But, even back in the day, I was never able to locate a genuine one of those either to buy-at any price. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if anything Material other than a blurry photo ever shows up to hold in hand and examine. If they Exist, there's got to be one out there Somewhere....and if they Don't? Well, it's all academic Anyway then. In the meantime, the fakers, frauders and counterfeiters just keep on perfecting their trades until who knows? It'll be like trench art-unless you have a video of it being made, it's impossible to trust any of it. William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    The late person that owned this dagger (at his time) had one of the top 10 best collections in sweden. He have owned alot of high end stuff. Such as two of the guns used in the liberation of Benito Mussolini (I got a picure), Herman Göring engraved dagger ( with proof), Several RK's, famous TR-paintings and much much more.
    So if it did exist I wouldn't be suprised if he owned one.

    Tho he of course could have fakes...

    I'm really tempted to call his wife and ask her about his collection, where it went etc. And maybe get some info about this dagger...

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    Default Re: SS dagger with rare inscription?

    My opinion is worth nothing but I actually like it - even if it is shown to be a fantasy.

    Grant out.

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    The pedigree is important in confirming oddites. Please do try to contact the widow or wartime friends of this guy. I wouldn't rule out it being a one-of-a kind rarity that looks awkward simply because it was assembled from parts or etched to order. What we want is a photo of the guy wearing this before 1945.

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