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SS daggers from CurdtsNachf ?

Article about: Hi, has anyone ran into any SS daggers manufactured by CurdtsNachf ? Gotta friend who just showed me one. I've been told by some big boys that they never made SS daggers...ever...not a chanc

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    My seller had his seller call me about my fake Chained SS. He was a smooth operator who only said his name was Greg. He talked about all his earth shattering finds in Europe, but didn't remember selling my friend a Chained SS. He was on his way to Poland to visit his girlfriend, and hunt for more daggers, etc. Caller ID showed a number in the Miami area, unfortunately it's scrolled off my phone now. Thanks to all for their input. I bought a nice Puma from a respectable dealer in Canada, who I can trust to know his stuff in place of the fake Chained. When I sent him the above photo, he emailed me back in minutes saying it was 100% fake, that they never made SS daggers. So like you said, we all make mistakes. So I emailed LTC Johnson, Whitman, and a couple of others who said the same thing...they never made SS daggers. Wanted to fish and see if anyone else had ran across one, here, and other forums. Not a soul so far...

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    No expert myself but sure is nice so many chimed in concerning a faked piece. A real shame when someone forks out a great sum of money only to find out he or she has been taken. A real shame we all have to be on the look out for these dishonest people but like we all know if someone can take advantage on the unknowing this fakery will continue. Hate to think how many have been taken.

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    Could this seller be the infamous Pawel?

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