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SS Eickhorn

Article about: I could use a little help with this dagger. Its up for sale and these are the photos I have. The maker mark has me puzzled I found one like it and it was said to be a ground Rohm that was fa

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    Hi, to me it looks like the blade has a few minor issues, but It looks like a good fitting, grip to guards, dagger. Some of the pics are not the best, reflections and such.

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    Take a close look at the logo and RZM number Gents..looks perfect and crisp..with no traces of acid etching. Thoughts ? Regards Larry

    and in regards to ground Rohms reissued ..yes most of these were returned to the factory and regrained,polished and logo reapplied. The quickest way to detect a former Rohm blade is to look don the spine of the blade...point of the dagger point away from you..and you should see a minute shimmer on the spine left over from regrain and polishing. I would have to say..that there is a very smaall percentage that this practice is undetectable ..yet very easily found..if your eyes are sharp and patient.

    Not sure of this dagger being a former Rohm..because someone said it was. Study the details on these threads within this forum..of Eickhorn Rohm types.

    Eickhorn daggers are very easily detectable in many signature details. Regards Larry
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    I apologize for butting in earlier... I guess I just don't know enough about SS stuff to have any comment worthy of posting. I'm learning a lot on this forum, and elsewhere daily, and the biggest lesson I get sometimes is just how little I know...

    I wish I had more money to buy more stuff, I study very well when an item is on the line! Unfortunately, between the street price of a good one and all the fakes out there, I'm afraid an SS dagger might never be on my list.

    Thx for your understanding.

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    I wouldn't beat yourself up for it Larboard, lots of people associate Rohm with the SA - He was in charge of the SA afterall so why would his name be on an SS dagger right?
    With regard to the blade your view wasn't too far out either, I don't like the look of it all all.
    Neither do I like the grip, it looks too grainy. The eagle looks replaced too, most likely the other one was drilled out - the surrounding lines are not clear.
    The guards look nickel, but with no district numbers?
    Lots of things to to answer on this one imo.
    Need better pictures, and we need to see the scabbard.

    best matty

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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    Hi Gary. I can tell you there is no such thing as a ground rohm RZM blade.

    best matty
    agreed. Key word is "RZM"

    William Kramer

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    Here is a SA Eickhorn that I have been told is a factory ground Rohm. It was done so well that it is hard to believe the blade ever had an inscription.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Eickhorn  

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    Guys thanks for all the comments on this dagger . I know a Rohm dagger would not be a rzm but as stated in Whitmanns dagger web site they have a dagger just like this one. Whitmann stated that this type of ss dagger was sent back to the factory. Ground then restamped with logo and rzm . Gary

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    Quote by RH1941 View Post
    I could use a little help with this dagger. Its up for sale and these are the photos I have. The maker mark has me puzzled I found one like it and it was said to be a ground Rohm that was factory remarked . my question is was this kind of thing done . Thanks for any help . Gary
    Stay away from this dagger. It's a fake!

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    Indeed some Rohms were sent back to the factory to be reground.
    IMHO most of the factory reground examples were in the factory at the time of the purge.
    Some were reissued as RZM's, some left the factory with just the original MM remaining and some were reissued as Himmlers.

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